[Review] Lie – Favorite

It is time to tackle another track from the ‘Coming Soon’ list. Today’s focus will be on Favorite, who returned the other week with Lie. Favorite, for those who may not remember, is a female group currently under Astory Entertainment. They debuted with Party Time in 2017 and have had a number of comebacks over the years. Most recently, the group returned with their Korean single, Loca, and their Japanese single, Catch Me.

The major issue with Lie is that it doesn’t offer anything new that we haven’t of. Nor does it take what we have heard previously and try to repackage it into something refreshing or bold. Right off the bat, the song opens up with guitars that are play into the Latin genre, an already heavily used and tiring genre nowadays. The song then adds a little more to the instrumental by incorporating a very neutral sounding dance beat. Together, I felt the instrumental to be extremely plain and helplessly dry. The vocals do add a level of sweetness to the song, which I can deem as helpful. But only to a certain extent. Like the instrumental, the vocals do not add much momentum to the song. The rapping is a little bit better, with it being the best part of the song for me. The chorus was weak, in my opinion. I did like the melodic and flowy nature of the chorus. But paired with the already neutral instrumental, it just isn’t enough.

The group opts for their most mature image yet. Dressed in red suits, the group performs in a cathedral or church like setting, with a red carpet running through the place. While red on red isn’t the greatest visual idea ever, both the red suits and carpet standout in the dark setting. The rest of the music video is closeup shots, which show off the beautiful faces of the members. And that’s all to the video. I’ll be honest, this is one of the few better looking ones. But the basic formula of closeup shots and choreography just makes it sound plain.

The choreography takes that mature path that I had mentioned as part of the music video review section. It definitely felt refined and pleasant to watch. But it just didn’t have anything memorable within it to really make me come back to continually view it.

Song – 5.5/10
Music Video – 6.5/10
Performance – 6/10
Overall Rating – 5.9/10

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