[Review] Hold – Winner

No, I haven’t forgotten about Winner’s review. Winner’s latest single, Hold, was released on Thursday this week and I had somehow missed the news that the quartet would be releasing a single ahead of their upcoming 3rd studio album in April. Once I realized that they had a release (which was after I had published the Lie review for Favorite), I put Hold‘s review right into my agenda and Saturday was the first free day without a review. And now, here it is!

There are two sides to Winner. One is their more serious side, as we saw in their debut and in their most recent comeback prior to Hold (i.e. SoSo). The other side is the more carefree and bright tone Winner, which we have been seeing a lot lately (i.e. Millions and Ah Yeah). It is definitely obvious where Hold sits (i.e. carefree and bright tone). The cheerful vibes that the song contains do project on you, just by listening to it. I couldn’t help but smile upon hearing the song. The song’s falls under the ‘lighthearted hip-hop’ umbrella and features good level of energy in the instrumental hook. I liked how upbeat and loud the chorus was, similar to when you hear the right number of consecutive cymbals clashing in some songs. But it isn’t perfect sounding. The weakest part of the song was the vocals. The verses, where the vocals were most present, were pretty forgettable. If it wasn’t for the loud energy of the chorus, I don’t think the song would have been deemed memorable. The rapping just before the chorus was decent and gave the song some buildup/momentum towards the chorus. The song earn some major ticks, but not all major ticks from me.

The music video features Suhyun from AKMU, a label-mate of Winner. Known for her innocent looks, Suhyun plays the youngest member of the Winner family (with Winner playing her obnoxiously annoying brothers). In this episode of the Winner family, the brothers notice that Suhyun is dating/have a crush and make fun of her. She invites the guy over, and the brothers break into her room (whe the crush was there) to embarrass her. The video is shot in a sitcom like manner, incorporating laughter from the audience. As the song sounds, the music video is intended to be lighthearted and fun to watch. There is also some dialogue that points in that direction. Overall a great video to watch.

There is a bit of choreography in the music video. Though I am not exactly sure if it is the actual choreography. But given the nature of the song and music video, something simple and entertaining like kicks in the air (what we see the members do at the 2:33 minute mark of the music video) makes total sense.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 10/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 8.8/10

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