[Review] Magnolia – TOO

There is a new male group entering the industry. TOO (Ten Oriented Orchestra) is a 10-member male group under N.CH Entertainment. The group was formed through the show WORLD KLASS, which aired in 2019. They were originally scheduled to debut on March 18 with Magnolia, but this was rescheduled for today (1st April). And even though they are newly debut, they have already been confirmed for their first competition show, Road To Kingdom, which is the male version of last year’s Queendom. They will be particpating/performing alongside Pentagon, Golden Child, VERIVERY, ONEUS, The Boyz and ONF.

I enjoyed TOO’s Magnolia and the group’s direction with this song. I just waited for an explosion that never came. I personally felt that it would really bolster the song and add some definition to their sound. Magnolia is a dance track, described to be a blend of trap and euro pop. It is a good mix and pleasant mix. But with a dance track, a pleasant mix doesn’t sound right. I wanted it go that extra mile, but we just never never got to that point. We get a teaser of this through the chorus when the electric guitars and rock influence are brought in, adding some depth to the song. But I just wanted more (sorry, if I sound a bit greedy). Their vocals and rapping infused some hip-hop influence to the song, which was good and helped out to an extent. But it feels very typical in that regard, as many other male groups have been doing that in the past few years. The transition from second chorus to the bridge was very awkward and sounded odd. I think that was the only section that had the song’s flow disrupted, but they managed to patch the rest of the bridge up with electric guitars.

This is a hard video to interpret, as I have very little clue on what is happening plot wise. Usually, I give the interpretation a go (see most of my other music video reviews that involve a plot line or my music video theory posts). But I am not going to try with this music video because I know I am going to screw up the interpretation of this story regardless of which direction I take the story. All I know is that it revolves around a flower (the magnolia) and focuses around a rebellion. Do you have any theories? Comment below! Apart from the story line, the video was well shot and the post-production edits/ transition made the scenes look more intense and cool. I also enjoyed their edgy look in the music video.

It seems like TOO has a lot to offer in the performance department. And watching them dance, it makes me excited to see what they will bring through their upcoming Road To Kingdom appearances. It is intense, edgy and powerful. I really liked the moments they have where two members versus each other. I thought that was a dynamic part of the performance.

Song – 7.5/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 8/10

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