[Review] Call My Name – BLACK6IX

With this long weekend, I plan on tackling some of the previous comebacks that I missed over the last few months. I know I have attempted to do that previously, but unfortunately failed to continue it during the week. With some times on my hand and this ongoing isolation, why not smash out some reviews! First up is BLACK6IX’s Call My Name, which is featured on the group’s second mini album, Nice To Meet You. It was released mid-February and promotions for this comeback is still ongoing.

I find it very interesting that the song opened up with the line ‘…Pay Attention, People will die starting from tonight, I am a man of my word‘. Because a little threat from the singers to enjoy the song always help. Hahahaha… Moving away from that awful joke, Call My Name is a powerful dance track that is filled with angst and intensity. The intensity builds up in the song, as per the robust rush of energy we got in the final chorus of the song. However, while I acknowledge these aspects of the song’s overall sound, the instrumental felt rather typical and didn’t offer much uniqueness. The mixture of vocals and rapping in this was pretty good. I liked how they didn’t stick to ‘separate’ sections in the song (i.e. a dedicated rapping block’ in the song). I thought them going back and forth with the vocal and rapping lines made Call My Name a little more dynamic. Also, that high note at the climax of the song was rather impressive. Overall, a decent track, overall.

I thought the music video was pretty good. I thought the background to this video was very cool. All those lights (I am assuming the video was shot in front of a white wall, with all these lights and visual effects being projected onto it) really made the video look visually appealing. The angst could be felt in the video through the use of the shaky camera work and their outfits. The only aspect I am not too sure is in regards to the playful side of the video. It didn’t look that fitting in this video with such an intense sound and thought that the video could have forgone this side of the group for this video. But other than that, it was still a great video to watch.

There seems to be a bit of body and shoulder rolling in this performance. I find the overall choreography to be very fitting for the song. The moves just don’t have that memorable factor to it. It is definitely an intense routine and surprised that the members could pull off a live performance, as it looked very tiring, especially that final chorus.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 7.5/10
Overall Rating – 8.2/10

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