[Review] Jungle – BVNDIT

Returning yesterday was BVNDIT, with Jungle. This is the group’s 3rd comeback since their debut a year and a month ago with Hocus Pocus. Jungle is the title track of their second mini-album, Carnival, which also features Cool (which I have already reviewed) and Children (yet to review), both of which were released earlier this year. Let’s see what the group has offer with this latest comeback.

Jungle continues that intense sound that the group debuted and returned with in 2019. Their sound and visual concepts have aligned to the ‘girl crush’ realm since debut and they only stepped away from that side for the release of the two singles prior to Jungle. And while the group’s past title tracks have been rated fairly, I feel like Jungle is a step backwards and shows off that intensity in a not-so-good manner. The song goes with a middle-eastern influence within the dance track, which I personally don’t mind. I have praised many songs in the past for going with that foreign influence. What I do mind is that it is always there. Apart from the bridge of the song, it is never stripped away. It is always at a much lower tone so it is barely audible underneath the decent dance beats. This pretty much feels like an unnecessary incorporation, and frankly, it makes Jungle quite messy. I felt like they could have kept it when it was the main centre piece of the instrumental and then replaced it with more dynamic material to give the song some bulkiness during the other parts. I do admit it does give Jungle some colour and some character. It just could have been cleaned up. Another thing that the song lacks is a strong, catchy hook. I think this would have helped give the song some extra definition and made the song more robust. The only good solid part was the final dance break, just before the final chorus kicks in. But I felt like it was a bit too late for that.

The visual concept for this comeback was very strong and this definitely improves the comeback package by a mile. The members stand out throughout the music video, by wearing colours that pop in the various different settings in which they filmed in. There were some visual effects throughout the chorus, which helped make the video more captivating and helped boost the song’s appeal. The video was more of a close-up and choreography styled music video, but I think the video had some good points.

What I think is pretty strong in this performance is that the choreography used a staggered touch to some of the various moves, which I thought made the performance looked good. Unfortunately, the actual moves don’t really have much impact. The only part that looks pretty decent is that dance break just before the final chorus. There was some attitude to it, which I thought was good.

Song – 6/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 6.8/10

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