[Review] Oh Really – N.Flying

N.Flying is due to make their comeback tomorrow on the 10th of June. However, the group unveiled the music video for their latest title track, Oh Really, yesterday. And with that reasoning, it should have been the first review of the week. But as yesterday’s album review took a lot longer than expected and I had to bump N.Flying’s review to today. Oh Really marks the group’s return to a five-member lineup, with the addition of Seo Dong Sung, who is the former leader and bassist of N.Flying’s younger labelmate, HONEYST. For those who don’t know of HONEYST, they were a younger band who debuted in 2017 with Like You and later disbanded in 2019 due to creative differences.

Since the band’s popularity has flourished since the release of Rooftop in early 2019, N.Flying has demonstrated a range of styles within the year alone. And as we move into a new year for the group, Oh Really adds a suitable upbeat Summery style to the band’s portfolio. Paired with what you know is actual instrumentals (as they are band!), I find the song to be quite extremely pleasant and lighthearted, unlike their past upbeat tracks which seem to be more in your face and energetic that this number. In addition to that, some of the guitar work in the song has that Hawaii theme to it, which allows us to associate to the beach environment. As for the members, we know that Seunghyub and Hwesung are capable singers through their past releases and Oh Really is further proof of that. Their vocal work throughout the song is superb, with Hwesung’s section in the bridge being utterly amazing. I wish that their harmonies were further highlighted in this song, as this would be the perfect vehicle for that purpose. My favourite aspect of the song is the really simple but effective hooks that really make this song catch on. It feels as if the hooks go with the flow and doesn’t feel like it is forced onto you or into your mind. Subsequently, I find myself humming along to the music after listening to it. Overall, Oh Really is a memorable song for its simplicity and catchiness. Just another reason to start listening to this underrated band.

Oh Really seems to be a very versatile expression. For the lyrics, the song expresses the term of a relationship context, where their partner is pretending to love them but the members are not willing to give up just yet. Oh Really is used in a pleading manner in the song. But as the music video demonstrates it, it can be used in an affirmation context (i.e. the TV infomercial), in a questioning context (i.e. the antique TV show), in a stressful manner (i.e. the non-working TV remote), in a surprised context (i.e. the award show), in an emotional context (i.e. Hwesung singing in the telephone booth) and a disbelief manner (i.e. that scene where it looks like the members are world leaders sitting at a round table and the newest member is in between the argument). I really liked how these contexts were cleverly weaved into the music video to match the lyrics of the song. The antique TV show is a good example of this, when Cha Hun asks about whether Hwesung can dedicate himself to the antique using the Oh Really hook and, later on with Hwesung expressing how hard it is for him to let go once the antique was smashed on the ground.

Song – 8.5/10
Music Video – 9/10
Overall Rating – 8.7/10

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