[Review] Hug U – DIA

And now we skip back to a today release. DIA makes their comeback today with Hug U. This is a slightly different looking DIA, as the lineup for this comeback is only five members. If you know your DIA members, Chaeyeon and Somyi are absent from this comeback as they are currently taking a break, while Jenny left the group after their previous promotions (Woowa) due to an injury. Despite only being a five member lineup and the group is still promoting under the name DIA, their management and the five refer to themselves as a unit of the group. But that’s okay, as we will take any form of a DIA comeback, given that they have been absent from the stage since March 2019.

Hug U, to me, feels like they are returning to their early days. Unfortunately, I was looking forward to a track as dynamic as Woowa (their previous single) was. So I was a little disappointed to hear Hug U, initially (to an extent). I am also disappointed as their throwback to this earlier sound might not be a good idea, given that the group was never successful with it. But I am keeping an open mind with the new song. I like their delicate touch that they give the song throw their vocals. And based on their tone, it has definitely sounds like they have matured vocally. There is nice melodies and I can it becoming mildly catchy with multiple listens in the future. Instrumentally, I am not that excited with Hug U. There is a nice graceful touch and a level of prettiness to it, which matches the vocals. As mentioned before, I wanted something dynamic and energizing. Hug U‘s instrumental sadly doesn’t have that. They could have somehow infused some additional energy into the song, but given the dominant use of classical strings in the instrumental, that would be difficult to achieve. I feel like if I was looking for a song that as soothing and graceful at the same time, then this song might be for me. But that I am not into that niche and sadly, this song isn’t for me.

While the song wasn’t up my alley, I actually liked the music video. There is small yet good story to it, which made it worth watching. In this video, it seems like the DIA members are apart and doing their own thing, which may be the reality of over the last year or so. And they all look quite happy alone. Eunchae seems to be planning a reunion party of the members. And it seems like all the members are on board. Jueun, however, did look a little hesitant about going at first. But she is soon reminded of the fond memories during their time to go, so she ultimately decides to go. But it started to rain, which delayed her arrival. Eunchae was quite sadden that Jueun did not turn up at first. But she was definitely relieved when Jueun came late. The members ended up looking at their happiest together, showing their forever bond It feels relevant to the group, who may have experienced a similar thing event while setting up for this comeback. It is a pity that Chaeyeon and Somyi weren’t there, as a full group would have made it more emotional for fans. I also liked the choreography shots as well, as the members looked very pretty in their colourful dresses in those drone shots.

Naturally, their performance is a lot more graceful and pretty to match the song’s style. But I do note that while watching the performance, the song is pretty decent tempo, which allows for their moves to be quite quick. That being said, there is a bit of slowness at some parts, which also helps create a balance in the performance. This, overall, helps makes their choreography visually appealing and a strong point of this comeback.

Song – 6/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 7.5/10
Overall Rating – 6.9/10

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