[Review] Summer Breeze – SF9

Six months ago, SF9 kicked off 2020 with their Good Guy comeback. It proved to be SF9’s most popular and best-performing comeback ever, with the group earning their first-ever weekly show music win during the promotions of Good Guy. And exactly six months from that comeback, the group is back, now helping to kick off the second half of 2020 with Summer Breeze. Their new title track features on the group’s eighth mini-album, 9loryUS.

SF9 begins the song with an intriguing synth sequence that reminds one of those Western movie themes, before reverting to a foot tap worthy house beat for the verses. The pre-chorus creates suspense with a typical but workable buildup. The chorus combines that Western movie theme synth sequence with those house beats to create a really pleasant and enjoyable combination that takes the positives aspects of those two sounds to form a wholesome feel. The bridge brings forward refreshing acoustic guitars that stayed hidden between the Western theme synths and house beats during the chorus. Overall, it is safe to say that the Summer Breeze‘s instrumental earns a big tick from me. It is just so suitable yet so refined for Summer. And it is this refined sound that makes it suitable to be a follow up after Good Guy. Some of the other aspects of the song are good to great, but they just don’t feel as amazing as the instrumental. The vocal work and rapping were strong efforts. Zuho’s rap sequence just before the final chorus had a nice punch to it and was a highlight in my opinion. There are some good hooks in this song and the melody is pretty easy to follow. But each of these components (the vocal/rapping, hooks and melodies) have a hand in creating a generic atmosphere. I wanted something more exciting and addictive, which would easily help lifted this song to be one of their best. What we have is good and I feel like it will be enjoyable at the very least if the subsequent listens don’t help it grow on me. But per usual, I wanted more from the members in Summer Breeze.

It is a bit unclear what the concept of the music video really is. I thought they were part of different gangs with the mission to eliminate each other at first. Though, it doesn’t explain the part when one of the bullets broke the mirror to reveal the sunshine, which then caused the members to redirect their gunfire. One source says the music video was similar to a James Bond movie and that the members are playing a dangerous game. Though, that also doesn’t explain the sunshine scene. Apart from the confusing plot line, I liked how the music video set gave me the same feels as their Good Guy music video. I also liked how classy the video felt, especially in the hotel scenes where the gunfight occurs.

Best part the choreography is during the ‘Bang Bang Bang‘ parts. I also found Jaeyoon to be the most captivating member, with his body rolls during his solo parts. As for the rest of the performance, there isn’t much else to comment on. It may not have been captivating, but it felt refined and classy, which is definitely the direction that SF9 was aiming for with this comeback.

Song – 7.5/10
Music Video – 6.5/10
Performance – 7.5/10
Overall Rating – 7.2/10

5 thoughts on “[Review] Summer Breeze – SF9

  1. There’s a lot puzzle to solve in this MV. This MV is also represent their past 9 MVs from Fanfare to Good Guy, you better watch their 9lory Trailer again to refresh your mind. If you look the MV clearly, there’s many things exist in this MV. You can find spray paint bottle from Fanfare, the metal pinball from Roar, the glitch scene from Easy Love, the yellow rose from O Sole Mio, the tickets from Mamma Mia!, the dice from Now or Never, the broken mirror from Easy Love, the red heart stone from RPM and the bracelets from Good Guy. They also input another thing beside the things from 9lory Trailer. Like Jaeyoon & Rowoon suits like in Good Guy, the guns like in Now or Never, the classic car with grayscale scene like in O Sole Mio, even Bang! Bang! Bang! lyrics like in Mamma Mia!. There’s so many things hidden from this MV, cause they prepared so well to make this MV. If you wanna know the story, it’s telling about this, In Good Guy they have 9 bracelets that became one like one world in the end. At the start of Summer Breeze. The bracelet was taken by the green snake (You can find the green snake at the early scene of the MV, then evolve to golden snake with the golden bracelet, you can also check this scene from 9loryUS Epilogue on Youtube). They were affected by the snake was when their eyes turned green, and when they see an eclipse they start doubting each other (Their eyes change to green color). Into a gun fight until the golden snake got hit and died. They also show the scene when the green eyes faded out when the eclipse ended. Chani’s smile means he was awakened and realized, “Ah, it’s not you”. And they stopped pointing at each other and targeted the real enemy and they got light. Their logo also changed from Green to Gold after the MV released. And Have you noticed even the helicopter is also gold? So, the story of the golden era still continue. After Inseong with the golden bracelet & golden snake, maybe Zuho’s next with the Golden Poker Card & golden Helicopter. Anyway, is J ❤ in that card means Love Juho/Juho’s Heart?

    Anyway thank you for this review, I always read your reviews for SF9 Album & MV. And it’s really good. I hope they got their 4th win in this comeback.

    (note: sorry for my bad grammar, I hope you still got it about what I try to explained.)


    1. Thank you for that very thorough explanation of the music video. So many small details to pick up on. I would never have picked them all up. It is amazing that all their music videos have been referenced in some capacity. The people behind these plot lines are very clever.
      PS. Sorry for taking so long to get back to your comment.


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