[Album Review] DORADORA (6th Mini Album) – UKISS

I can’t believe that I have yet to do an album review for UKISS! They haven’t released anything recently due to their focus on solo activities and military enlistment. So, in order to write an album review for UKISS, I need to turn to their past releases. There was just so much to choose from, so I essentially did a lucky dip to see which one I would review first. And lucky number one is DORADORA. Cast your mind back to April 2012, when the group released their 6th mini album and title track of the same name. It was their first release of 2012, following a long hiatus they took from the Korean music scene to focus on their Japanese debut. Featuring on DORADORA was the pre-release track, Amazing, which will also be reviewed today!

DoraDora Album Cover

1. DORADORA (돌아돌아) – I gave the DORADORA comeback a calculated score back in the day but have lost the calculation a while back. Unfortunately, my memory has also failed me in this regard (though I remember listening to every track on this album quite vividly). Given how much I have enjoyed the song now, I have decided to give DORADORA an 8/10. Click here to read the 2012 DORADORA’s review, featuring young and terrible me. (8/10)

2. 4You (For You)4You is a song for the fans. There is a whole music video of them while on tour and it focuses on their bond as a group and with their fans. As for the song, it is super catchy. I mean their repetition of the 4You hook is quite pleasant and is not overwhelming in any way. The instrumental is quite upbeat and features an electronic-based instrumental that felt appropriate for the 2012. The instrumental sequence for the rapping segment on the bridge had a nice kick to it, leveling it up to give the song something different before the song ended. I also like the thumping beat. It may be a small detail in this song, but it helped hype of the song. Overall, a nice fan service song. (8/10)

3. When Love Stops (사랑이 멈출 때)When Love Stops is one of my favourite KPOP ballads of all time. Why is this the case? The song features really strong melodies, which helped bring a new light to their vocals. We got to hear the vocals from all members, including the rappers. And the harmonies made the song even more stunning. Overall, it brought a lot of their past songs to my attention, got me more interested in their side tracks and contributed to me enjoying their future releases, since I now knew what potential they had. That is the power of the song! Apart from the vocals, the melodies during the chorus felt very grand and were quite memorable as a result. The instrumental is another highlight, bringing that grand nature to life alongside the melodies. (10/10)

4. Amazing (Pre-release Track) – If I remember correctly, Amazing was the pre-release track for this album. It features a club beat for its instrumental and features pretty simple hooks that make the song quite catchy. As the chorus came into play, the song reformed into more of a pop track. But the club instrumentation remained throughout as the main backing. Looking back now, the lyrics and hooks are a little tacky for this current era. Though, I vividly remember putting this song on repeat back in the day. The vocals and rapping are okay, based on today’s standards. In addition to that, it really isn’t their best work on this album as well. But back then, I would have enjoyed it. (8/10)

5. TICK TOCK (OUT OF TIME) (Korean Version) – I have previously reviewed the Japanese version of TICK TOCK (otherwise known as TICK TACK in Japan). Once again, I lost the review calculations for TICK TOCK/TICK TACK. Upon reconsidering my past review for the song, I have decided to increase the ‘song review’ score to a perfect 10/10, which is probably what I gave it back in the day. Click here to read the 2012 Tick Tock review. (10/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.8/10

DORADORA Teaser Image

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