[Review] R.o.S.E BLUE – Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher has become the girl group to go to for an OST for mobile games. This week, the group released R.o.S.E BLUE for the mobile game Girl Cafe Gun. This releases comes after the group released the single Deja Vu, which was the OST for the mobile game King’s Raid last year. The group also previously returned with Scream and their first studio album, Dystopia: The Tree of Language earlier this year. If you haven’t check those out yet, I highly recommend you do after reading this review.

To me, I find R.o.S.E BLUE to be pretty plain for Dream Catcher’s standards. They have released very dynamic songs in the past. This one, in comparison, just doesn’t have same level of dynamism or excitement that really captures my attention from the get-go. It lacks a strong hook that would have transformed the song without a doubt. I would say that my perspective towards the song would have changed if they had released this earlier in their career. I would have said this to be a nice follow up to Chase Me. But given how Dream Catcher has matured and developed over the years, plain is the best descriptor I can give. Despite that, however, the song does fit snugly into Dream Catcher’s discography thanks for the intense rock influence we get in the chorus. I also like the how the producer featured a section of strings into the song. It adds a little something different to the song that helps freshen it to an extent. Their vocals were pretty good. I like how elegant their ‘Rose Blue‘ was the end, in particular. I tend to look forward to Dami’s rapping in Dream Catcher’s songs. But unfortunately, the rapping in this song shared the same description that the overall song got. Plain.

I think the video would make a little more sense if I knew what the game was about. It seems that all the members were once friends. But they started playing this game and ended up losing themselves in it. Jiu thinks she can get them back and goes on a mission by entering the game. She finds each of the members who I assume has taken on a character in the game. She shoots them to wake them up, which successfully does. But the catch was she only had five shots, one for each member. In a later scene, she rejoins them like is the opening shots. But as she has killed them and they left the game, they disappeared leaving her all by herself. She turns the gun on herself but is unable to do so as she has no more shots. The other members wake up and see Jiu stuck on the pink crystal that she touched to enter the game. At the end of the video we see five dream catchers on the floor, representing the five members who had woken up and the pink butterfly, representing Jiu in the crystal. Overall, an interesting plot line for mobile games.

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 9/10
Overall Rating – 7.8/10

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