[Review] RUN – GreatGuys

Earlier this month, GreatGuys made their comeback with Run, which is the title track of the group’s third mini-album, We’re Not Alone_Chapter2: You&Me. I am not familiar with GreatGuys at all. The only song which I have reviewed from the group was their 2019 release, Be On You, which was the title track off Chapter1 of this We’re Not Alone series. Based on a quick Google search, the group is made up of nine members (Jaei, Uiyeon, Horyeong, Daun, Baekgyeol, Donghwi, Hwalchan, Haneul, and Dongin). They are under DNA Entertainment and have been around since 2017. Chapter2 also features the remake track In Summer, which also serves as a title track for this release. I haven’t decided whether to review it yet, but if I find time, I will try to. In the meanwhile, here is my RUN review.

Despite being an unknown group to me, RUN was an enjoyable track. I prefer it without the horse neighs at the start and throughout the song. But I will give the producer some points for using that unorthodox way of drawing/keeping the attention of listeners into the song. What I really like about the song is its intensity and its fast-pace. The trance-like instrumental just continues to come at you while the members are singing or rapping. It packs a punch when it matters most, such as when the members are singing and during the very important chorus. But it also knows when to hold back on the punches, such as the stripped back pre-choruses. The instrumental also has this thrilling side to it. Replay it a few times and you will probably hear what I mean. It felt like the music you will get in a thriller or action movie when the character is running away from death or the antagonists. This is probably intentional, given that the song is titled RUN. Vocally, the group had some really good moments. But overall, I thought it was decent, at best. I just wanted a little more to the song in the vocal/rapping department so it can go that additional mile and pull in some more listeners. Overall, it is a really cool track that is exhilarating. It is safe to say that RUN has put the group on my radar.

For a music video from a smaller company and an obvious low budget, this one was pretty good. Their company didn’t opt to use any of those overused music video sets. The water fountain background that they shot majority of their choreography shots and some solo shots actually looked very unique. I am also glad that they didn’t have outfits that intentionally expose their bodies like in their previous comeback. Though, some abs were shown towards the end of the video. Overall, everything looked quite good in the video. However, I am going to picky with one particular element. The post production addition of flames during the second verse rap sequence looked really cheap and unnecessary. As far as I could remember, that was the only appearance of it throughout the entire music video. Glad it didn’t make its way to anywhere else in the video, as that would really lower the quality (which should be avoided given that the video already does have a ‘low budget’ feel).

It was an okay performance, overall. I felt that the moves could have been punchier, refined and cleaner. This would have matched the intensity of the song quite well, but also give off the impression of being in sync. I am quite sure we all know the reasons for the latter. It just looks better.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 6/10
Overall Rating – 7.6/10

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