Remember that I should be catching up on reviews? Well, they are slowly coming. I guess I will be drip-releasing the reviews as I finish them. The first track that I am reviewing as I return to the “catch-up” phase is LUNARSOLAR’s debut track, OH YA YA YA. This recently (like start-of-the-month recently) debuted female quartet hails from JPlanet Entertainment and their lineup consist of Eseo, Jian, Taeryoung, and Yuuri. The group has quite an extensive resume, with their lineup being associated to the Produce 101, MIXNINE, The Unit and a number of previous female group including the Korean S.E.T and the Japanese I’S9.

To me, OH YA YA YA is a song that has been heard before. One listen in and it felt generic enough to stop and skip to the next song on my playlist. However, I held onto hope that maybe OH YA YA YA would change and become a little more interesting. But unfortunately, it just didn’t. The song is a mixture of electronic music that we have heard before. Trap and tropical is what comes to mind when I am trying to figure out the exact genre of OH YA YA YA. A combination that we are all quite familiar about. The hooks and melodies, which could serve as the saving grace of this debut song, were okay. But they weren’t impressive enough to compensate for the generic nature of the instrumentation because they are pretty standard themselves. What this song does extremely well, however, is show off the potential of the group. Their vocals and rapping are really strong. It is just a pity that the song didn’t do them justice and give them an opportunity to shine on stage or the charts with a memorable song that impresses. I will definitely put the group on my radar given their skillset, but I wouldn’t be going out of my way to search for this song.

OH YA YA YA was all about breaking free from society and having fun. And the music video shows exactly that with the office scenes. But they don’t show the members as part of the office staff. That would have made the video cheesy. Instead, the members are already inserted into the scene ready to have fun. They just had to break the boring and dead atmosphere of the office. Aside from that and the rest of the music video, there was a lot of references to the group (aside from group/solo shots). I would have been fine with the use of their playing cards that featured the group’s logo. That was actually quite cool. But the insertion of those images that simply flashes between frames is a bit much for my liking.

Performance-wise, the group definitely holds their ground with the live vocals and rapping. Good on them for that! As for the routine, I am rather impressed as their legs seem to be in uncomfortable bend/formation during the key parts of the choreography. I also like their bright energy they bring to the stage via their smiles whilst they performing. Definitely exudes the upbeat energy from the song.

Song – 5/10
Music Video – 7/10
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 6/10

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