[Weekly Chart] 2nd Week of October 2020

As promised today, you have an album review and song review post coming you way today. In addition to those reviews, we have the Weekly KPOP Charts, which is obviously this post. I know I have been promising to catch up on some reviews that I have missed. They will eventually come, though I don’t know yet. I have been growing tired a lot earlier lately. I am also working on some other posts, such as OST reviews and International Song Reviews that should be out some time in the near future. We will see in a couple of weeks whether I have been too ambitious. But in the meanwhile, more reviews, album reviews and this Weekly KPOP Chart post!

Per the now regular format, I will quickly run through the songs that have had a big jump. The biggest jump this week belongs to J.Y Park and Sunmi’s When We Disco, which is in its final week on the charts and jumps up 41 spots. Other songs experiencing a big jump (i.e. more than 30 positions) are ONEUS’s To Be Or Not To Be and UP10TION’s Light.

For the top five this week, we start again from the bottom of the top end of the charts. WJSN CHOCOME’s unit debut single, Hmph!, debuts in the fifth position. EVERGLOW’s La Di Da rises from last week’s fifth position into this week’s fourth position. Stray Kids’ Back Door, which has been sitting on the top of the charts for three weeks now, has moved down two positions. BLACKPINK’s Lovesick Girls rises into the Top 5 into the second position this week. And the newest addition to the top ranking song of the week is Golden Child’s Pump It Up! For more of the charts, scroll down below.

  4th Oct – 10th Oct 2020
Title Artist Status
1 Pump It Up Golden Child (new)
2 Lovesick Girl BLACKPINK (▲ 18 )
3 Back Door Stray Kids (▼ 2)
4 La Di Da EVERGLOW (▲ 1)
5 Hmph! WJSN CHOCOME (new)
6 I Believe Bae Jinyoung & Kim Yo Han (▲ 23)
7 Whale Kim Sejeong (Gugudan) (▲ 7)
8 The Stealer The Boyz (▼ 4)
9 When We Disco J.Y. Park & Sunmi (▲ 41)
10 Shine Together SF9 (new)
11 Twilight WEi (new)
13 BOCA Dream Catcher (▲ 28)
14 Flame CRAVITY (▼ 6)
15 Bon Voyage YooA (Oh My Girl) (▼ 5)
17 Helicopter CLC (▲ 10)
18 Shoot The Moon BDC (▼ 6)
19 Feel Good (SECRET CODE) fromis_9 (▲ 29)
20 Think of Dawn GHOST9 (▲ 1)
21 Light UP10TION (▲ 37)
23 RIDE KNK (▼ 6)
24 Obliviate Lovelyz (▲ 11)
25 Goblin (Favorite Boy) A.C.E (▼ 16)
26 Beautiful Scar Lee Eun Sang ft. Park Woo Jin (AB6IX) (▲ 2)
27 Sukhumvit Swimming ONF (▲ 13)
28 Bad Idea MOONBIN & SANHA (ASTRO) (▼ 9)
29 MADE FOR TWO VAV (▼ 22)
30 Criminal Taemin (SHINee) (▼ 24)

Songs leaving the charts this week are:

  • Sacrifice – Han Seungwoo (VICTON)
  • Sukhumvit Swimming – ONF
  • When We Disco – J.Y. Park & Sunmi
  • 100 – SuperM
  • We Ride – Brave Girls

Thanks all and see you in the next post later today!

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