[Album Review] IN-OUT (1st Mini Album) – Moonbin & Sanha (ASTRO)

Another album review written over a month after its release. ASTRO’s Moonbin and Sanha formed this subunit mid-September through the release of their first mini-album, IN-OUT. Featured on this mini-album is the title track, Bad Idea, that the pair have wrapped up promotions for. The entire album, aside from the title track, is doused heavily with R&B. Whether I enjoyed this heavy dose of the R&B genre, continue reading to find out.

In-Out Album Cover

1. Eyez On You Eyez On You has two major letdowns that really drags the track down for me. The first letdown is the really generic R&B sound that the verses opt for. It bored me, nor did it excite me. The second element is the overwhelming ‘noise’ that forms the basis of Eyez On You’s chorus. It is very jarring and the multiple layers of instrumentals feels very obnoxious. Some might find it a charm, as I have said in the past with some song’s and their respective noise. But Eyez On You’s take on this felt too much and prevented me from liking the opening track. And these two elements overpower the pair’s vocals, leaving them forgotten. All of this is quite a pity, as the pre-chorus managed to successfully change the song’s gears and allude to something fun, upbeat and vibrant. (5/10)

2. Bad Idea (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for Bad Idea. (9/10)

3. Alone (섬) Alone returns to that R&B genre that unsuccessfully opened the song. While Alone does take on more of that generic R&B sound, the song instantly sounds better and more refreshing. It is because Eyez On You really left an impression. Anything generic yet is executed well enough would be on many levels higher than the opening track. I did like that Alone had a bit of a spring in its instrumentation. The piano was also a nice consistent touch to the song. What really makes this song even more pleasant and palatable are the vocals, particularly Sanha’s. The way he sings ‘I am so lonely’ in the song was very memorable. The song’s melodies also gives off strong promise. (8/10)

4. All I Wanna Do – To me, All I Wanna Do is their best side track on the album. I really like the instrumentation when it came to the chorus. The bass add definition and dynamism to the strings. And the strings add prominence and a striking element to the chorus. The rest of the song goes down the R&B hold once again. For this song, this isn’t really a problem as the chorus compensates for that flaw. Once again, the song features the stunning nature of Moonbin and Sanha’s vocals. They sound very silky and sweet. I felt that both members were well utilized throughout All I Wanna Do and made the song more appealing. (9/10)

5. Dream CatcherDream Catcher is more of a ballad, though it encroaches into the R&B realm. The song is very calming and soothing, feeling almost like an acoustic-centric track. I say ‘almost’, as the main instrument is an electric guitar that is played softly. The rest of the instruments come in to help lift the song up ever so slightly without disrupting the soft acoustic-vibe of the electric guitar. Their vocals shine in Dream Catcher, adding to that soothing nature of the song. Their harmonies were well used to give the ballad some definition and feel more warming for fans. (9/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8/10

Bad Idea / In-Out Teaser Image

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