[Review] Siren – P1Harmony

It seems like FNC Entertainment, once the home of famous KPOP bands, have moved onto producing KPOP groups. P1Harmony is the latest addition to the company’s lineup, which includes AOA, SF9, Cherry Bullet (the KPOP groups), N.Flying, CN Blue and FT Island (the KPOP bands). The new group is a six-member male group consisting of Keeho, Theo, Jiung, Intak, Soul, and Jongseob. Based on their profile (I get all the details of various KPOP groups from KProfiles), it seems like P1Harmony is one of the few new groups nowadays that are not connected to the Produce series or any other trainee survival show in some way. Just a little observation I made while looking them up for this review. The group also made their debut on Wednesday with Siren and the mini-album, Disharmony: Stand Out.

P1Harmony’s Siren is a hip-hop centric dance track, something quite different from their labelmates’ sounds. The verses could have used some oomph in the instrumental department. The background was bland for my taste. One good thing about the instrumentation during the verses was how it contrasted with the chorus, making the latter standout by miles. The chorus instrumental is very dynamic and robust, with the brass-like synths comes together to form an edgy and energetic punch. For those who may know, hip-hop centric sounds are not really my jam. But there is something very alluring about Siren that has me excited to see what is next for the group. It might be due to the fact that Siren really shows off some edgy flair and showcases a lot of potential. As it is a hip-hop sound, the song is mainly focused on the rapping. And boy, the members’ rap all added a lot of energy and intensity into the song, especially during the verses where I made an earlier comment about it being bland. The standout moment has to be the member that pulled that insanely fast paced delivery just before the final chorus. That really shocked me, but in a good way. Between the rapping, there was really good vocal moments. They don’t necessarily steal the limelight, but do help bring some balance to the song. The anthem-like delivery when it came to the chorus made everything in that section catchy and uplifted the energy to even more dynamic levels. Overall, another strong debut and one that puts P1Harmony on my radar!

The group and the producers of this music video were quite ballsy having so many people in one particular place, given the current circumstances worldwide. I was a bit nervous watching the music video because of this. Hopefully all people involved are okay. The graphics and post-production of this music video is definitely on another level. The apocalyptic scenes that kicked off the video was so intriguing. I wanted more of that in the actual music video, but it seems like that would be far too complicated to infuse into the rest of the video. But hey, those opening scenes made me stay and brought my attention to the members and song.

This group definitely has some performance skills up their sleeves. There was twist and turns, footwork and syncness to really help the group standout. The energy that come off from their choreography is something many other groups would envy. Even their facial expressions seemed relaxed and didn’t give off any newly debut feels. Definitely a strong impression was left on me by this group.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 10/10
Overall Rating – 9.2/10

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