[Album Review] We:th (10th Mini Album) – Pentagon

There was no review yesterday as I took a day off for my birthday (and in true style, I spent the night off napping). And I started writing this review pretty late on Friday, hence why this is posted in the wee-hours (my local time) on Saturday. But I make my review comeback after that short break with an album review. Pentagon impressed their fans and other listeners with their early October comeback, Daisy. The title track is featured on the group’s tenth (!) mini-album, We:th. It follows their first studio album (Universe: The Black Hall), their participation on Road To Kingdom and Jinho’s military enlistment (and as a gift, he left fans with a song on the physical version of the album – something I do not have access to to review). We:th and Daisy also serves as Hui’s last comeback with the group for the next two years, as he enlists into the military as well in early December.

We:th Album Cover

1. Daisy (데이지) (Title Track) Click here to read the full review of Daisy. (9/10)

2. Beautiful Goodbye – The next song on the album resettles on the pop genre, however I detect a bit of infusion from the rock influence we got in Daisy. There were some really good moments in Beautiful Goodbye that really draws my attention to the song time and time again. The first has to be the pre-chorus. The Shiwon/Yanan and Shinwon/Yuto pairings passing each word to one another was a really cool effect. Wooseok’s growl-like shouting in the second verse and Yuto’s deep voice were super exciting felt so appropriate for the slight rock influence we get in the song. The chorus was super easy to get into and had a really nice melody. I also like the story that the song tells, where the guys were happy to have their partner leave them without saying a beautiful goodbye. But at the end, their feelings change and expressed that they want one last kiss as that beautiful goodbye. (9/10)

3. Nostalgia (그해 그달 그날) – Wooseok dominates in this song with both vocals and rapping, which is fair given that he composed this song. It is a chirpy number that is full of energy. Yet, the lyrics of Nostalgia tell a slightly different story – they reminisce over a time in which they were happy about being in a relationship (the past) and compare to the time when they were not (the present). Aside from that, I don’t really get much of the song. Since the song is Wooseok-centric, the other members have quite limited opportunities to show off their skills. And the pop-based instrumental was good, but not exciting enough to be a standout song. (7/10)

4. You Like – While the opening and closing sequence to You Like oozes with Hui’s vocals and smooth piano instrumentation, don’t let it mislead you. The song changes up within seconds to an intense hip-hop dance style. It expresses frustration over people’s changing opinion and poses the question ‘What would you like?’ over and over again in a somewhat aggressive manner. I feel like the effects the song opted for were slightly overwhelming for my liking. So it wasn’t my cup of tea. But the vocal and rapping elements in the song were very good and well-polished. The most iconic moment, aside from the very abrasive instrumental, has to be dragged out ‘raw’ that follows the choruses. Not really the most impressive part of the song, but there is something about that expression that just manages to stick. (7.5/10)

5. Paradise (This Night Where Stars Shine) (Paradise (별이 빛나는 이 밤)) – The final song on the album is Paradise. It features a EDM and club-beat mashed up instrumental that feels very KPOP from early to mid-last decade. It was definitely a consistently great listen to tune into. The rapping opts for a trap instrumental. While this is pretty cliché, I appreciate that the trap sequence keeps song’s momentum going, opting for a piece that is a little more abrasiveness and almost like dubstep, that suits the song’s overall club beat energy and tempo. The vocal work was pretty nice in the song, dedicated to their fans. The bridge was exceptional, but it doesn’t stop the nostalgia that the chorus brings. (9/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.3/10

Daisy / We:th Teaser Image

4 thoughts on “[Album Review] We:th (10th Mini Album) – Pentagon

  1. You accidentally uploaded the song Nostalgia twice (one under the same name, and one under Paradise).

    Also I love reading your reviews, it’s interesting to see your perspective on a MV on various aspects instead of just the song ^-^


    1. Ahh Thanks for letting me know about my mistake. I should really stop editing and posting these reviews when I am half asleep and super tired. Hahahaha….

      And thanks for visiting my blog and for your kind comments 🙂


  2. I’m not sure why, but these videos are not currently available – maybe they’ve pulled them, or maybe it’s because of the recent Australian government legislation…?
    Like the blog, by the way – very thorough and comprehensive reviews. I’ve just discovered it, but I shall be reading to find what are the best groups (besides the ones I already listen to, of course 🙂 ).
    Thanks for your passion and diligence, from a fellow Aussie.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. 😁 Thanks fellow Aussie! Glad I could be some help towards your hunt for new groups/songs.

    Also, thanks for letting me know about the videos. Not sure what happened there. YouTube sometimes upload duplicates of the official audio, so I might have used links that were deleted recently. But anyhow, they should be back up now!

    Liked by 1 person

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