[Review] Last Piece – GOT7

A week ago, GOT7 teased their comeback with the pre-release of Breath, one part of the first half of their fourth studio album’s name. Today, the male group (who recently won the Performance of the Year grand prize at the Asia Artist Awards for the second year in a row), GOT7 dropped their official comeback title track, titled LAST PIECE. It is also the other half of their new album’s name, with both coming together to form Breath of Love: Last Piece. This is the group’s most recent comeback, following Not By The Moon earlier in the year.

To me, LAST PIECE has this explosive element to it, which I find amazing and extremely thrilling to listen to. But more on that in just a second. The song starts off pretty much like any other dance song. There was a strong opening with that repetitive hazy synth (not sure how else to describe it). Yugyeom then starts off the song, followed by Jinyoung, BamBam and Mark. The instrumental during this part was quite pleasantly consistent. I really like its mid-tempo and classy approach. That hazy synth continues to play its part in the song, but the verse has a bit of a kick to it thanks to the beat of the song. Jinyoung’s falsetto stunned me, before Jackson comes in briefly before the chorus. The main chorus features Youngjae and JB’s vocals and catchy melodic hooks that expresses we are their missing final piece. I find there is an explosive element to this chorus, but it is subtle thanks to Youngjae’s powerful vocals during this section. I believe that this subtleness is a deliberate move, as the more explosive post-chorus hook is where the fireworks truly go bang. That rush of rock energy and intensity just feels so good, with Mark and Jackson going all out in this part to match that energy we get. It also gives GOT7 an opportunity to showcase some of their performance skills. The rest of the song is more so what I have already (haphazardly) described. Just everything feels a lot better. The chorus gets more impactful. The post-chorus instrumental hook hits harder and Jinyoung’s falsetto during the bridge is something worth mentioning once again. Overall, LAST PIECE is another excellent track to add to GOT7’s discography.

LAST PIECE‘s music video carries over the instantly change of background and flawless editing from the Breath music video. But this time around, the members were the ones instantly changing, with the setting remaining the same between shots. And to make it extra complicated, this technique was mainly applied during choreography shots. So yeah, shout out to the editing department for this video. The one thing I was disappointed about was the lack of Youngjae’s screen time. I understand that he was injured and hence couldn’t dance throughout the video. But I am sure the producers and directors could have thought of something to give Youngjae a bit more screen time. I did however like how when he finally appeared (and thus GOT7 was completed), all the space on the wall was filled with pictures and paintings. Definitely a nice way to show that all the pieces were filled in the end.

The choreography definitely looks good. I really like the energy that each member channeled during the chorus and how incredibly sharp the moves ended up being. I really liked how they amped up the moves for the post-chorus rock influenced instrumental break. The ending with their forearms and hands forming an interlinked heptagon was pretty cool, reminding me of their seven piece necklace (when put together, it also became a heptagon).

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 8.5/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 8.9/10

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