[Weekly Chart] 1st Week of December 2020

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As of this week, we are officially on the home stretch to the end of 2020. There is officially fours weeks left of the year. But there are still going to be a lot of action in these final few weeks. I will continue to push out reviews as I have been saying for the last six months. And our beloved KPOP idols will continue to release music to keep us on our toes. But before we can move forward, let’s wrap the past week with the Weekly KPOP Charts post!

No massive jumps this week, so I am jumping right into the Top 5 summary. From the bottom of this section of the chart, we have two new releases of this week. In the fifth position, we have ENHYPEN’s with their debut title track, Given-Taken. They were one-upped by BoA’s 20th year anniversary comeback, Better. LOONA’s Why Not? experiences a resurgence, rising back into the Top 5 by landing into the third position. GFriend’s MAGO remains consistent by maintaining its position in the Top 5 by rising to the second position. And finally, GOT7’s Last Piece is the final piece of the Top 5 this week, making its start on the charts at the very top.

  29th Nov – 5th Dec 2020
Title Artist Status
1 Last Piece GOT7 (new)
2 MAGO Gfriend (▲ 3)
3 Why Not? LOONA (▲ 27)
4 Better BoA (new)
5 Given-Taken ENHYPEN (new)
6 Resonance NCT (new)
8 Breath GOT7 (▼ 6)
9 Hmph! WJSN CHOCOME (▲ 15)
10 GOTCHA Park Ji Hoon (▲ 17)
11 Siren P1Harmony (▲ 26)
12 Life Goes On BTS (▼ 11)
13 90’s Love NCT U (▼ 10)
14 Daisy Pentagon (▲ 12)
16 Blue Hour TXT (▲ 20)
17 I Can’t Stop Me TWICE (▲ 11)
18 Work It NCT U (▼ 7)
19 Cool Weki Meki (▲ 6)
20 MMM TREASURE (▲ 21)
21 Happening AKMU (▼ 4)
22 Mmmh Kai (EXO) (new)
23 Show Your Love BTOB 4U (▼ 15)
25 Make A Wish (Birthday Song) NCT U (▼ 11)
26 Love Killa MONSTA X (▼ 17)
27 Like A Movie B1A4 (▲ 26)
28 Tears of Chaos E’LAST (▼ 7)
29 Memories Kim Woo Seok & Lee Eun Sang (▲ 14)
30 SALUTE AB6IX (▼ 8)

Songs leaving the charts this week are:

  • Shine Together – SF9
  • Twilight – WEi
  • Hmph! – WJSN CHOCOME
  • Pump It Up – Golden Child
  • Cool – Weki Meki
  • DAWNDIDIDAWN – Dawn ft. Jessi
  • Poison – DAHYE

See you all in the next review! And make sure you vote in the 2020 KPOPREVIEWED Awards (link above!

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