[Album Review] Breath of Love: Last Piece (4th Studio Album) – GOT7

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Up next on the reviewing block is GOT7’s Breath of Love: Last Piece, the group’s fourth studio album (also fast tracked!). Like many fans, I am pretty disappointed in JYP for such a limited and lacking promotional run. I wished we got to see more of the group on stage with Last Piece, the title track of this album. But I understand that Youngjae has filming schedules and other members have solo work to focus on as well. Hopefully we get to see them all soon through their next album release in the new year! Also featured alongside Last Piece is Breath, the album’s pre-release track that was released a week prior to the actual album release. Both of these tracks I have already reviews for, but the album still contains eight other new tracks that I will be reviewing today. So let’s get going!

Breath Of Love: Last Piece Album Cover

1. Breath (넌 날 숨 쉬게 해) (Pre-release Single)Click here to read the full review for Breath. (9/10)

2. Last Piece (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for Last Piece. (9/10)

3. Born Ready Born Ready is a very dynamic track, one that is well placed as one of the first tracks into the album. I particularly enjoyed the chorus, where the intensity is amped up thanks to the EDM instrumental. A few of the members stood out in this track. First of all, the song opens up with JB as a rapper, something we don’t really hear often when it comes to GOT7 releases (despite being the rapper half of JJ Project). Secondly, we have Youngjae’s rap-like vocal delivery in the second verse that was so punchy. Jackson’s lines in the bridge were also quite memorable. But the member that stands out the most is Mark, who produced this track. Definitely a recommended listen. (10/10)

4. SpecialSpecial opts for an even more upbeat tempo and synth-heavy instrumental from the very first second. And from the very first second, I was digging the song. The chorus had this catchy and simple melody that was quite easy to get into. My only issue about the chorus (and the entire song) was imbalance between the vocals and instrumentation. I felt the music was overpowering, which lead to the vocalists needing to compete for attention. The rappers faired better and were my selection of standout members because they actually had the ability to stand out. (9/10)

5. WaveWave tones down a few elements, which helps make it feel so refined. And I feel that the song successfully shows their path to maturity, which I will admit that they already showed comebacks ago. What makes Wave so good is that it feels atmospheric, emotional and reflective – all bundled into one song. Waves is ideal to listen to as you walk in nature, reflecting upon life and your experiences. (10/10)

6. Waiting For YouWaiting For You shows refinement as well, in the form of a hip-hop styled song. Though, it comes off as similar to a ballad at certain times. The distortion of the instrumentation at the start enables the song to opt for an aesthetic tone and for the member’s vocals to have this echoy effect. And it is an interesting feeling, overall. Bam Bam (who composed and wrote the song) used a lot of autotune, but I feel that its usage was justified based on the aesthetic nature of the song. (9/10)

7. Thank You, Sorry (이젠 내가 할게) – This song diverts the album down the R&B/jazzy fusion route, with an impressive display of vocals from all the members. Even the rappers emerge from Thank You, Sorry as full-fledged vocalists. The second verse is where the song’s main drawing point lies. The members involved goes in and out of this stunning falsetto technique, which felt perfect for the song’s instrumentation. It also gives some colour to the song, making it more interesting than a standard R&B/jazzy styled song. While Yugyeom was the creative mind behind this song, I felt that Jinyoung managed to outshine the rest of the members in this song with his vocals in the second verse alone. (10/10)

8. 1 + 1 – The R&B roots of the preceding track was just a temporary stop, as 1 + 1 brings back the hip-hop influence. It sounds trendy and there is this light tone to it, which I quite enjoyed. It also reminded me of Thursday (one of their previous tracks). Unfortunately, I don’t find 1 + 1 as catchy as their previous release. It is pleasant, but that is the best description I can give the song. (8/10)

9. I Mean ItI Mean It is an impressive song that I instantly enjoyed from the first listen. It is a pop track with such a happy tone (that even the vocals reinforce) and catchy lyrics that helped make the entire song so addictive. I just found the song so simple, yet so effective at making me enjoy the song. The bridge has no lyrics, instead opting for dramatic thumping that without a doubt (when we aren’t in a health pandemic) would make way for an amazing choreography on stage. (10/10)

10. We Are YoungWe Are Young is a song for fans, without a doubt. The lyrics thanks for being there with them – even during their toughest moments (this year with no direct fan interaction probably was one of those tough moments). I really like how powerful the chorus was, simply by them amping their vocals and using striking repetition. Definitely a bold end for the album! (9/10)

Overall Album Rating – 9.3/10

Breath of Love: Last Piece Teaser Image

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