[Weekly Chart] 1st Week of January 2021

And now we move onto 2021. We are already a week down with another slow week in the KPOP industry. Elsewhere though, the week was quite eventful and filled with shocking surprises. But this is a KPOP blog, so we will focus on the former. The good news is that we are expecting many comebacks this upcoming week, with majority of them occurring tomorrow. These include the return of (G)I-DLE, TREASURE, VICTON and the debut of T1419. It is going to be an intense day tomorrow. But before we can proceed, we shall reflect upon the past week that was the 1st Week of January 2021.

New releases of the week

As mentioned earlier, it was a slow week in KPOP. We saw comebacks from Jeong Sewoon and MCND, which I have reviewed. There were a few additional comebacks including Hong Eunki’s (former member of Rainz) comeback single, ON&ON, AB6IX’s collabroative remix single Fallin’ (Adrenaline) with Why Don’t We, another single (Luxury Big House) from BOYHOOD (Nam Donghyun), and A.C.E’s Fav Boyz (Favourite Boy (Goblin)) remix with Steve Aoki and Thutmose.

Non-KPOP release by a Korean artist

I want to give a shout out to songs that are described as non-KPOP, but are by someone with roots in the Korean music industry. So I will be dedicating a segment in the Weekly KPOP Charts posts each week to the showcase the non-KPOP song that I was tuning into for that week. For this week, I have been returning to Chungha’s Dream of You with R3HAB. It will be featured in an upcoming International Song Review segment.

The Charts

And here we are, the main centrepiece of the Weekly KPOP Charts segement, the charts. Congratulations to TWICE’s Cry For Me surprise single release for coming out on top of the charts for the 1st Week of January 2021. For more of the charts, see below!

  3rd Jan – 9th Jan 2021
Title Artist Status
1 Cry For Me TWICE (▲ 7)
2 In The Dark Jeong Sewoon (new)
3 Life Goes On BTS (▲ 26)
4 Panorama IZ*ONE (▲ 2)
5 Crush MCND (new)
7 Black Mamba aespa (▲ 8)
8 Chandelier BRANDNEW YEAR 2020 (▲ 31)
9 I’m Cold Kim Sung Kyu (Infinite) (▲ 2)
10 Last Piece GOT7 (▼ 8)
11 Mmmh Kai (EXO) (▼ 8)
12 MAGO Gfriend (▼ 8)
13 Resonance NCT (▼ 6)
14 Idea Taemin (SHINee) (▲ 14)
15 Just Can’t Stop Loving You Jang Hyun Seung (▼ 2)
16 Amusement Park Baekhyun (EXO) (▲ 2)
17 90’s Love NCT U (▼ 8)
18 Forbidden Island Ha Sung Woon (▼ 6)
19 Given-Taken ENHYPEN (▲ 1)
20 Hop In Uhm Jung Hwa ft. Hwasa (Mamamoo)& DPR LIVE (▲ 19)
21 Switch To Me Rain & Park Jin Young (▲ 18)
22 Breath GOT7 (▼ 17)
23 Camellia Jukjae & Hyuk (VIXX) (▲ 16)
24 Teddy Bear NATTY (▲ 10)
25 Better BoA (▼ 8)
26 30 Seconds Might Be Too Long Jun.K (2PM) (▲ 11)
27 What Do I Call You? Taeyeon (SNSD) (▼ 6)
28 So Bad STAYC (▲ 11)
29 Then, Now. Forever CN BLUE (▼ 10)

Leaving the charts this week

The following songs have wrapped up their nine week run on the charts and will be removed to make way for new songs:

  • Forbidden Island – Ha Sung Woon
  • MAGO – GFriend
  • Idea – Taemin (SHINee)
  • So Bad – STAYC
  • Teddy Bear – NATTY
  • Tears of Chaos – E’LAST
  • Pit-A-Pat – Junsu (JYJ)

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