[Review] Cinema – CIX

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CIX is back with their brand new mini-album (their fourth to date), Hello Chapter 0: Hello, Strange Dream, and the title track Cinema. And so am I after a week’s absence from the blog! This comeback (CIX’s comeback, not mine) comes months after their re-scheduled promotions for Jungle and their third mini-album, Hello Chapter 3: Hello, Strange Time.

The first noticeable element of the new song is that is very much different to what we have heard from this male group in their repetiore of title tracks. We have heard stylish flair and intense electronic-based sounds from the group already. Cinema differentiates itself from that pack with its lightness that stems from its use of synthpop instrumental. And it is quite enjoyable and refreshing at the same time. I also really liked how they were committed to the sound, with no stray or unexpected changes to throw us off the direction of the song. I also like how they started off the song, adding to the concept of the song and comeback in an audio manner. But what I really enjoyed more about this song is how seamlessly it felt as it flowed along. Usually, each section (i.e. verse, pre-chorus, chorus, verse etc.) feels very distinct and you can differentiate between them. But in Cinema, they feel blurred. Not in a bad way, but rather a really nice artistic manner which makes the song promising. Both the seamlessness and the lightness really benefits CIX when it comes to the vocal departments. I feel the falsetto and breathy vocals really show off some of their skillset. I also really like the melodic nature of the chorus, which is gives the song that enhances the flowy vibes of the song and gives the song that really nice smooth hook. And overall, Cinema was definitely catchy and a well put together song.

My understanding of the lyrics is that the members liken their developing relationship with their lover to filming a movie/tv show. Memories created in their relationship feels like episodes that they can replay. In the video, we see the process of a movie being filmed with the members acting as lighting directors and just the standard director as well. Adding to the concept was the primary setting of their choreography shots, which was appropriately in front of a cinema. I am not exactly sure what is going on within the living room scenes. Maybe they are part of that movie they are shooting. They do feel a bit wacky, but felt fitting for the concept overall. I also enjoyed the golden aura that comes off the video.

I really like the start of the performance with how the choreographer got all the members to contribute to the clap that coincided with the voice over yelling ‘action‘. As the song is light in nature, the choreography has to fit with that hurdle. I found their moves be a lot more relax, fluid and carefree, which is obviously what you would want with a light track like this one. But when I watch the performance, I admit I do want to see that more intense side of the group. But Cinema‘s choreography was still enjoyable to watch.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 8.3/10

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