[Weekly Chart] 3rd Week of March 2021

It is time for another Weekly KPOP Chart post. This time, it is for the 3rd Week of March for the year 2021. As I always say in throughout the year, time is definitely flying. Apologies for not reviewing many of the releases for this past week. I am hoping to catch up as much as I can, but I became held back by some personal stuff. That stuff is now out of the way, so I am hoping I will be able to make some ground with the releases that I missed over the past week and the song listed on the ‘Coming Soon’ page. As for the album reviews, I am currently going through them and hoping to see some of them go live over Easter. Fingers crossed that all goes well! But you are hear for the Weekly KPOP Charts, so without furtherado, here we go.


In addition to the releases by Pentagon, PURPLE KISS, WOODZ, Super Junior and DRIPPIN that I have reviewed, we saw a lot more comebacks and debuts this week. These includes Ciipher, MY.st, Jessi, Weeekly, MIRAE, B.I and Kim Jeong Uk (former 24K member). If I do not get around to reviewing these releases this coming week, they will join the ‘Coming Soon’ list.


I am still Rollin’ my way through. With it popping up everywhere on my recommended lists, it is hard to not join in on the hype around this song. And I am not surprised that it is back up there, given that I gave the song a perfect score of 10/10 when it was first released in 2017! Also, congratulations to Brave Girls for scoring first place on all (with the exception of one and that is simply because the show’s strict criteria) the weekly music shows this past week. It is a rare feat nowadays to pull that off.


Congratulations to Pentagon for making it to the top of the charts. They dethroned ONF after three weeks sitting in the top spot, with their latest single. DO or NOT! For more of the charts, scroll down below.

  14th Mar – 20th Mar 2021
Title Artist Status
1 Do or Not Pentagon (new)
2 Why Why Why iKON (=)
3 Beautiful Beautiful ONF (▼ 2)
4 On The Ground ROSE (=)
5 Feel Like WOODZ (new)
6 Fireworks (I’m The One) ATEEZ (▼ 3)
7 Paranoia Kang Daniel (▲ 11)
8 Get Away VERIVERY (▲ 22)
9 D-D-Dance IZ*ONE (▲ 37)
10 Burn It Golden Child (▲ 5)
11 House Party Super Junior (new)
12 Young Blood DRIPPIN (new)
13 All Or Nothing WEi (▼ 8)
14 MOON RIDER BDC (▲ 13)
15 I Wanna Hear Your Voice Kim Kyu Jong (SS501) (▲ 17)
16 Tail Sunmi (▼ 8)
17 Why Don’t We Rain & Chungha (▲ 41)
18 Don’t Call Me SHINee (▲ 2)
19 Celebrity IU (▲ 4)
20 Say Yes IZ (▲ 38)
21 Only You SATURDAY (▲ 1)
22 Odd Eye Dream Catcher (▲ 2)
23 Can We Talk Again PURPLEKISS (▲ 35)
24 Stay Young AB6IX (▲ 5)
25 Ponzona PURPLE KISS (new)
26 Love So Sweet Cherry Bullet (▼ 9)
27 ZERO:ATTITUDE Soyou & IZ*ONE ft. pH-1 (▲ 19)
28 Wings PIXY (▲ 27)
29 Cinema CIX (▼ 4)
30 Shining Star N.CUS (▲ 28)


A lot of songs are leaving the charts this week, as they have wrapped up their nine week run on the Weekly KPOP Charts system. These include:

  • Stay Young – AB6IX
  • ROSARIO – Epik High ft. Zico & CL
  • Thank U – U-Know Yunho (TVXQ)
  • Time For Me – Berry Good
  • X – Chungha
  • My Turn – CRAVITY
  • No Diggity – ONEUS
  • Love So Sweet – Cherry Bullet
  • Lemon Candy – PinkFantasy
  • Only You – SATURDAY

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