[Weekly Chart] 1st Week of April 2021

We take a short break from focusing on the recent comebacks of some solo artists to look at the past week. And I do that via the Weekly KPOP Charts segment. As I want to get back to reviewing, let’s start getting moving along with today’s post as we look back at the 1st Week of April 2021.

Releases from last week

In addition to the comebacks we saw that I have already reviewed (i.e. ASTRO’s ONE, Wendy’s Like Water and Kim Jae Hwan’s I Wouldn’t Look For You), we also saw comebacks from Lee Jin Hyuk, D-CRUNCH, LUNARSOLAR, BAE173, OnlyOneOf and STAYC. SuperM and Chanyeol also released special singles this week.

Throwback corner

Unfortunately, I am not Rollin’ around anymore. Instead, I have been busy listening to other songs this past week. One of these songs is SEVENTEEN’s Hit, which they recently performed on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. So that is this week’s throwback song (even though it is a couple of years old).

The Charts

Congratulations to WJSN for another chart topping hit. Their latest song, Unnatural, is the top song for this week! For more of the charts, scroll down below.

  4th Apr – 10th Apr 2021
Title Artist Status
1 Unnatural WJSN (Cosmic Girls) (▲ 40)
2 Warning Kim Sejeong (▲ 58)
3 Do or Not Pentagon (=)
4 ONE ASTRO (new)
5 Spider Hoshi (SEVENTEEN) (▲ 28)
6 Paranoia Kang Daniel (▲ 10)
7 Beautiful Beautiful ONF (▼ 5)
8 Fireworks (I’m The One) ATEEZ (▲ 26)
9 Young Blood DRIPPIN (▼ 4)
10 Seoul GHOST9 (▲ 8)
11 Bambi Baekhyun (EXO) (▲ 21)
12 My Name Is ONF (▼ 5)
13 HUSH Kim Sung Kyu (Infinite) (▲ 9)
14 On The Ground ROSE (▼ 4)
15 KILLA MIRAE (▲ 31)
16 Do Re Mi Fa Sol Park Bom ft. Changmo (▲ 8)
17 Sugar Kim Woo Seok (UP10TION) (▲ 25)
18 After School Weeekly (▲ 11)
20 Like Water Wendy (Red Velvet) (new)
21 5K Lee Jin Hyuk (UP10TION) (new)
22 Encore GOT7 (▲ 26)
23 Don’t Call Me SHINee (▲ 13)
24 Why Why Why iKON (▼ 18)
25 LILAC IU (▼ 24)
26 Feel Like WOODZ (▼ 6)
27 Excalibur KINGDOM (▲ 33)
28 MOON RIDER BDC (▼ 16)
29 What Type of X Jessi (▲ 18)
30 Stalker 3YE (▲ 30)

Songs leaving the charts this week

Only two songs leave the charts this week:

  • Sugar – Kim Woo Seok (UP10TION)
  • You’re My Destiny – D1CE

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