[Album Review] Don’t Call Me / Atlantis (7th Studio Album / 7th Studio Album Repackaged) – SHINee

SHINee’s back! Apologies that it has taken me this long to review the album. The group’s 7th studio album, titled Don’t Call Me (after the title track), was released way back in February 2021. Other albums and songs got in the way, hence why I have pushed the album review so far out. And it was pushed so far out that SHINee had time to release a repackaged version titled Atlantis (also after the title track of the repackaged album). So I thought, why not wait until the entire album is released in its entirety to write an album review. Well, that is where we find today. As a heads up, Don’t Call Me and Atlantis were both very strong releases. I think I found majority of the album to be of a high calibre, which is expected of SHINee given their legendary and powerful status in the industry. To find out about my thoughts on the album, continue reading!

1. Atlantis (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for Atlantis. (10/10)

2. CØDECØDE features a deep house instrumentation and a powerful chorus that really grabs your attention. I really liked this effect, but I wished the verses weren’t as boring as they were. Aside from that, CØDE has this nostalgic factor to it as it felt like a SHINee song from its various highs and lows in the instrumentation. The vocals obviously add to that nostalgia, making it a decent song to be included on the album. (7/10)

3. Don’t Call Me (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for Don’t Call Me. (10/10)

4. Area (같은 자리) – To me, the falsettos within Area really make this a captivating and aesthetic track. In addition to the vocals, I also enjoyed the warped brass at the end of the song. This is in combination to the subdued and subtle groove that the rest of the instrumentation had. In Area, the consistency was a powerful tool that was well used and helped kept the track engaging for me. This is quite rare for me, as I do enjoy my changes within songs to keep them interesting. But there was so much load and heft in the vocal department, I honestly did not mind. (9/10)

5. Heart AttackHeart Attack thrives on its bass heavy, bouncy and groovy instrumentation, keeping true to current trends. It feels like a song SHINee would nail on stage, showing off the best of SHINee in the vocal department. (In fact, they did as the song was selected to be their one of their secondary promotional songs, which was performed alongside Don’t Call Me in this comeback week!). I really like how satisfying the chorus sounded when all the members sang together. One element noticeably missing that I think would have made Heart Attack even better was a rap sequence. It would have been great to have one to concentrate the subtle intensity the song exuded without knowing. (8.5/10)

6. Marry You – Taking on the nostalgia of 90s R&B, Marry You zones straight into the vocals of SHINee. From their solo parts in the verses to the extremely smooth chorus, Marry You sounds extremely dreamy. Even the instrumental (aside from the use of that squeaky synth throughout the song, which honestly could have been replaced with something a little more grounded and natural) complimented the vocals so well. (8/10)

7. Days and Years Days and Years is also another awesome song from the album. I find everything to be so pleasantly captivating. The synth pop instrumental isn’t heavy or overbearing, which makes the song so appealing. It gives off the same vibes and aesthetic that an acoustic song would have, which is remarkable to replicate. The focus on the vocals, once again, makes this song a worthwhile listen. The chorus, sung by all the members together, had a memorable and enjoyable hook. The verses also showed off great technique. Altogether, Days and Years has that edge over the songs preceding it. (10/10)

8. I Really Want YouI Really Want You is the song you want on your playlist for a jam session. The energy that comes from this song is so addictive. So much that I had to force myself away from the replay button or else this album review will never be seen on the blog. Their vocal work is superb and the song finally gives us those rap sequences that was missing from the album (note: this comment was based on the tracklist of Don’t Call Me). I Really Want You also delivers with catchy lines and hook, making this song even better. To me, I Really Want You is this album’s hidden gem. (10/10)

9. Kiss Kiss – Continuing the momentum from the last song is Kiss Kiss. If we were to compare the two songs, Kiss Kiss is more subdued as the instrumental isn’t as explicitly as upbeat as the former. But like the previous song, Kiss Kiss is also quite catchy thanks to the constant repetition of the title and the English lines. I also enjoyed the acoustic nature of the song. However, the song still has its share of synths. Altogether, it really makes the song another great listen on this album. (9/10)

10. AttentionAttention takes an even more subdued approach, opting for a clear example of upbeat R&B. It is also the first song on the album that I am not really digging. While I do like their falsetto vocals when it came to the chorus, it didn’t feel as exciting as had they employed the same technique earlier on in the album. You can blame this on the instrumentation I felt didn’t do the song justice. The instrumental, to me, felt like it was stuck in neutral gear and never really got out of it. (6/10)

11. Body Rhythm – From the first seconds of the song, you can tell that Body Rhythm was going down the sensual route. The song has reggae influences that probably made it even better. While the vocals were solid and worked with the reggae influence, I wished they had a bit more oomph to really make this song click. It felt pretty plain and neutral as we got to the end of the song. (7.5/10)

12. Kind (빈칸) – Kind is the album’s take on a ballad. But knowing it is SHINee, they switch it up by incorporating synths and piano work to give this song a more modern feel. Some of the vocals were also autotuned to give off, what I assume, would be a similar modern feel. And I feel that SHINee delivered on that front. In addition to that, Kind’s vocals were breathtaking, delivering more of that typical ballad front to the song. It was really captivating and engaging as the final song on the album. (10/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.8/10

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  1. Agreeing with your views on the added tracks in the repackaged album. They were so good, I’m sorry we didn’t get to see them staged. I hope they do when Taemin returns.

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