[Review] Make Up Your Mind – Ailee

We turn to a more recent release following my review yesterday for a 4 to 6 month old song (depending on what you would consider its release date). And this release is by Ailee, who makes her return to the KPOP scene through the title track Make Up Your Mind. Make Up Your Mind is featured on her pre-release mini-album, Lovin’, which marks her impending return with her third studio album in the near future. Lovin’ also features Spring Flowers as another lead track from the mini-album, but it doesn’t have an official music video and hence I won’t be reviewing it. Her last comeback was back in October of last year with the mini-album I’m and the title track When We Were In Love.

Make Up Your Mind is a pretty decent modern pop song with an instrumental that is quite airy but also textured. I guess this combination was intentional to keep the song interesting and substanced. Otherwise, I think the song would have been a bit too light and would be unforgettable. The main issue for me in regards to Make Up Your Mind is that it is a pretty repetitive on the instrumental front and doesn’t really delivery anything new or memorable by the time the song wraps up. If you heard the first verse and chorus, you have pretty much heard all of Make Up Your Mind. And after multiple listens, you are looking forward to a different song from the artist. I wished there was something more gripping or dynamic about the song. That way I would be more inclined to return to the song for further replays. On the flipside, I do appreciate that airiness and breezy nature, which is still a nice contrast to the texture we get through the synths as mentioned at the start. Per any of Ailee’s songs, her vocals are what is foremost and centre in the song. Ailee compliments that airiness and breezy nature of the song by opting for light vocals herself. While this is a great match, I do miss her more substantial releases that contains super powerful vocals. We know what Ailee is capable of based on her earlier singles. Make Up Your Mind doesn’t satisify that craving and I personally wanted more. To me, this songs fits neatly as a pre-release single and not as title track material. Let’s just hope that whatever follows Make Up Your Mind satsifies those cravings I mentioned earlier and provide us with something that is more driven.

The music video (or music v-log as the video has it in the title of the video) features both Ailee and Park Eun Seok (more recently known as Logan Lee from The Penthouse series). In the video, the pair acts as friends who have feelings for one another. They go on trips with one another and care for each other. But it seems like Ailee is waiting for Park Eun Seok to make the first move. And in the end, he doesn’t for whatever reason. This is why Ailee is singing lines such as “You take your time. Like a lover, show me how you feel to me now.” and “Tease is attractive. But” in this song. It makes sense. One thing I wished about the music video did better was that the story came together a lot more fluildly that what it did. They felt very disjointed and poorly sequenced in my opinion. Personally, I don’t have much to say about the couple scenes, but her solo shots during the pre-choruses gives off an snobby impression which I am personally not a fan of. I might be percieving the visuals wrong but that is what I got from the video unfortuately.

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 6/10
Overall Rating – 6.6/10

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