[Album Review] I’m (2nd Mini Album) – Kim Sejeong

The next album that I am reviewing is Kim Sejeong’s second mini-album, I’m. Once again, I was drawn to the mini-album while vetting albums for review. A number of the songs on the album appealed to me. And so, I put the album on my reviewing list for review, which is where we find ourselves today. The release of this album, and the title track Warning, is her first major activity since the disbandment of Gugudan at the end of last year. Previously, Kim Sejeong’s first mini-album (unreviewed) was released in 2019 and titled Plant. It also featured the title track, of the same name Plant. But today, we are here to listen I’m.

I’m Album Cover

1. Teddy BearTeddy Bear starts off the album with an easy listen. It delves into the pop rock genre, which I find brings a nice colour to Kim Sejeong’s discography. The drums and electric guitars were all a really decent pace that was appealing to my tastes. What also I like about listening to Teddy Bear is that it was a no fuss and no commitment type of track. Nothing felt heavy. But rather, the entire song felt blissful. The solo artist’s vocals were extremely fitting for the style and drove the song forward in a very soothing manner. (8.5/10)

2. Warning (ft. IlBOI) (Title Track) Click here to read the full review for Warning. (9/10)

3.  Do Dum Chit (밤산책)Do Dum Chit was a favourite of mine. I really like the refreshing colour that Do Dum Chit has. It is also an extremely likeable upbeat track with a really nice contrast of heavy and light elements. The heavy comes through via the instrumentation of the chorus, whereas both the verses and vocals brought lightness to the song. And this combination resulted in a really appealing song. I also find the addition of the phone sound effects to be a nice touch (working with the lyrcis). Kim Sejeong’s sweet vocals, rapping at the end and ab-lib were standouts as well. This song had it all for me. (10/10)

4. Let’s Go Home (집에 가자)Let’s Go Home starts off with thumping beats that instantly sold me the song. The rest of Let’s Go Home falls into rock genre, but on the softer and maybe pop side of the spectrum. And it was no let down. To me, the song showed off Kim Sejeong’s vocals extremely well. She brought this breathy tone to Let’s Go Home. I also liked how the soft pop rock instrumentation and her vocals worked together to create a very dreamy and organic sound. (9/10)

5. Maybe I Am (아마 난 그대를) – Like all KPOP albums, there is a need for a ballad. And for this album, the ballad comes in the form of Maybe I Am. It is also the album’s final song. The presence of Maybe I Am on this album is no surprise to me, given that most of her well-known tracks have been of the ballad genre in some degree. And like those past works, Maybe I Am captivates with both vocals and instrumentation front. It is hard to describe the song any other way than ‘perfect’, especially when she gives us stunning vocals and a really soothing orchestral backing. It ticks my swaying criteria for ballads, is easy to get lost with, and was a beautiful listen to finish up this album. (10/10)

Overall Album Rating – 9.3/10

I’m Teaser Image

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