[Review] DUMB DUMB – Jeon Somi

Kick starting this new week and month in KPOP are three comebacks, all dropping on Monday (yesterday). First up is Jeon Somi, who is returning after a year since her last release, What Are You Waiting For?. Her new single is titled DUMB DUMB and today I am checking out DUMB DUMB in this review.

Blink and the song is over before you know it. And unfortunately, the appeal of DUMB DUMB is very brief and the combination of both a short song and brief moments of appeal doesn’t help the song become that memorable. DUMB DUMB starts off with whimsical whispering that give off a cheerful light. Jeon Somi tackles the verse with plain vocals and instrumentation, and forgettable momentum. I don’t have much else to say about the verses, unfortunately. It wasn’t until we got to the chorus where DUMB DUMB picked up. The whispering returns, but this time it gives off a mature vibe when it is joined with a moody groovy electro atmosphere. I quite liked this instrumental pairing and it gave DUMB DUMB a bit of intriguingness. Combined with Jeon Somi’s spoken lines as the chorus’ hook and you have a pretty sleek and memorable chorus. The song repeats the same profile for the second round, though we are given a rap sequence in the second verse. Another miss, to be honest. DUMB DUMB lacks a bridge, and instead replaces with a brief second of instrumentation with a chanty anthem to finish up the song. While I do like the concept of a change up and anthem to end this song, it just didn’t have the right level of energy to really bring the song home and give it a high/peak it deserves to end with. I found the instrumentation to be lackluster and simply an extension of what we have heard earlier in DUMB DUMB, while Jeon Somi’s vocals didn’t have amplification or momentum behind it. DUMB DUMB is good song, but it is more so an example of a song in which I want more from. Likewise, from Jeon Somi herself.

For the music video, Jeon Somi is a teenage girl who is trying to impress her crush. She imagines walking up to him all confident and wiping his lips. She dances at a party to attract his attention. But while she imagines him to be interested, it takes a simple well-timed bump in the school hallway to get his attention and for them to interact. Though, I wished he didn’t have a clueless face on the entire time. Aside from the plotline, I like how the lyrics are literally portrayed in this video, with Jeon Somi dancing on top of the male character’s head in the first chorus, right when she speaks the line ‘I’m dancing on top of your head, you DUMB DUMB‘. It was corny and made me laugh in a good way.

Based on what I can see in the music video, it looks like a good dance. I can see the chorus to be the next thing on TikTok, and I liked how it encapsulated the mature vibes of the section.

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7.5/10

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