[Weekly Chart] 1st Week of August 2021

Another week has wrapped up and it is time to look back through the Weekly KPOP Charts segment. The first week of August 2021 saw many groups and artists return already (more so than the last few weeks). And it is set to continue into this week. But before we get to the next week, there is still a bit of time for a Weekly KPOP Chart post (this post), an album review and maybe a song review (or two). So with that being said, I have a bit of work to do and focus on. So let’s get going!

New releases of the week

Already reviewed from this week is ASTRO’s After Midnight, Golden Child’s Ra Pam Pam, Jeon Somi’s DUMB DUMB, Weeekly’s Holiday Party and ONEUS’ Shut Up 받고 Crazy Hot!. I also have plans to review releases from Sunmi and Kim Woojin. Also released this week are songs from Thunder (aka Cheondung – former member of MBLAQ), the collaboration between KINDA BLUE and Hwasa (from Mamamoo), 2Z, Kang Insoo (member of MYNAME) and the SKYLE (a newly debut female group). All have been included in the charts from this week.

Throwback corner

BLOOM BLOOM POW! Ahead of their comeback tomorrow, I have been listening to a lot of The Boyz’s songs. One of them is Bloom Bloom, which was released back in 2019 and went on to earn them their first music show win. Is there any particular reason to why I have been listening to this song more than others this week? No reason. Just a revisit to their K:CONTACT stages.

Non-Korean KPOP release of the week

I finally got around to reviewing Perfect World (by TWICE) yesterday through an International Song Review post. It is once again my pick for the track of the week. In addition to TWICE’s latest release, I also released songs from ATEEZ, SHINee, Jackson Wang and Rocket Punch.

The Charts

Congratulations to ASTRO’s After Midnight, which just managed to get ahead of the all the tracks on the charts this week to clinch the win! For more of the charts, scroll down below.

1st Week of August 20211st Aug – 7th Aug 2021
1After MidnightASTRO(NEW)
2Ra Pam PamGolden Child(NEW)
3Tear DropSF9(▲ 21)
4Drink ItThe Boyz(▲ 41)
5PoisonPinkFantasy(▲ 28)
6Chi Mat Ba RamBrave Girls(▲ 9)
7ButterflyOh Sae Beom(▲ 39)
9LazyKim Woosung (The Rose)(▲ 11)
10Holiday PartyWeeekly(NEW)
11See You AgainHan Seung Woo (VICTON)(▲ 33)
12Ready To LoveSEVENTEEN(=)
13BYE BYE BYEWEi(▲ 13)
14Stay With MeHoya(▲ 49)
15Rain To BeONEWE(▲ 44)
16Shut Up 받고 Crazy Hot!ONEUS(NEW)
17VeronicaONEWE(▲ 46)
18Pool PartyBrave Girls ft. E Chan of DKB(▲ 7)
19RendezvousKim Jeong Uk(▲ 44)
21You Can’t Sit With UsSunmi(NEW)
22MoonlightBDC(▲ 10)
23Hey Kid, Close Your EyesAKMU with Lee Sun Hee(▼ 14)
24WeekendTaeyeon (SNSD)(▼ 10)
25Christmas in JulyKANGTA(▲ 38)
26SecretoYezi(▲ 21)
27Crazy NightDONGKIZ(▲ 31)
28Mixtape: OHStray Kids(▼ 24)
29riBBonBamBam (GOT7)(▲ 10)
30Hello FutureNCT DREAM(▼ 24)

Songs leaving the charts this week

9 weeks later and the following songs have left the charts:

  • Don’t Fight The Feeling – EXO
  • Moonshot – N.Flying
  • Sneakers – Ha Sung Woon
  • Lock Down – EPEX
  • Alcohol-Free – TWICE
  • Happy Birthday – WOO JINYOUNG (D1CE)
  • Stay With Me – Hoya
  • My Lips Like Warm Coffee – Chungha & Colde
  • Vanilla – LIGHTSUM
  • I Want You Around – Yugyeom (GOT7) (ft. DeVita)
  • Welcome to the MAINSTREET – 24K
  • Baby, I – HyunSeong

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