[Weekly Chart] 3rd Week of August 2021

It is another Sunday and that simply means another Weekly KPOP Chart post. This particular post for the 3rd Week of August 2021 is going to be a very quick one, as I am in the processing of moving and am trying to beat the clock before the clouds move in and wash the sunshine away. So I won’t be doing my usual corners this week. Check back next week for those corners, maybe (still moving then, but hopefully more time on my hands).

Also, the KPOP Songs of the Summer Review Collaboration has wrapped up. I posted by review for F(x)’s Hot Summer earlier this week, so check that. In that post, you will also find the links to the rest of the reviews in the collaboration from other KPOP reviewers, so make sure you check out those reviews as well!

The charts

Congratulations to The Boyz, who topped the charts this 3rd Week of August 2021, with their latest track, THRILL-RIDE. For more of the charts, scroll down below:

3rd Week of August 202115th Aug – 21st Aug 2021
1THRILL-RIDEThe Boyz(▲ 2)
3Ra Pam PamGolden Child(▲ 10)
5PoppingONF(▼ 4)
6QueendomRed Velvet(NEW)
8PTT (Paint The Town)LOONA(▲ 12)
9Tear DropSF9(▲ 7)
10Hello FutureNCT DREAM(▼ 1)
11DIVEJinyoung (GOT7)(▲ 16)
12Holiday PartyWeeekly(▲ 16)
14You Can’t Sit With UsSunmi(▼ 12)
15Ready NowKim Woojin(▼ 4)
16RoseD.O (EXO)(▲ 3)
17questiOn markOnlyOneOf(▲ 50)
18WeekendTaeyeon (SNSD)(▲ 25)
19USMoon Jongup(▲ 14)
20Right Through MeEven of Day (DAY6)(▼ 2)
21KarmaKINGDOM(▼ 7)
22After MidnightASTRO(▼ 1)
23GalleryPark Ji Hoon(▼ 16)
24Strawberry GumHa Sung Woon ft. Don Mills(▼ 19)
25Pool PartyBrave Girls ft. E Chan of DKB(▲ 34)
26NAKKAAKMU ft. IU(▲ 5)
27TesseractCIX(▲ 2)
28AuRoRaONEWE(▼ 16)
29Be My Lover?Kim Jong Kook & ATEEZ(NEW)
30Promise USolar & Moonbyul (Mamamoo)(▲ 28)

Songs leaving the charts:

The following songs are leaving the charts this week:

  • Paradigm – Xydo
  • Poison – PinkFantasy
  • Higher – A.C.E
  • The Juice – Sam Kim
  • Secreto – Yezi
  • Africa – Jeongmin
  • Lazy – Kim Woosung (The Rose)
  • Obvious – MAJORS
  • Mixtape: OH – Stray Kids

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