The next BLACKPINK member has finally made their solo debut. We were first teased with solo work from the members of BLACKPINK back in 2018. We first saw Jennie making her solo debut in 2018 with SOLO. It took three years for the next member, ROSÉ, to debut as a solo artist with On The Ground. And today (and not after a three year gap), Lisa makes her solo debut with LALISA. That just leaves Jisoo, whom I hope we can see solo music from in the very near future. But for now, this is my review of Lisa’s LALISA.

LISA’s solo debut comes in the form of an anthem about herself. As much as I want to like LALISA, I feel like this is a barrier for me to get into the song. I am indifferent to songs that are just for the artist themselves (i.e. stamped with their name throughout the song). Of course, there are exceptions (as always). But I felt this indifference for this release and it had a pronounced flow on effect to other elements within the song. I wish I could overcome the barrier. But no matter how much I have replayed the song thus far, I can’t get over the fact that this song is only for LISA to sing or perform. It might just be that I am narrow-minded in this regard. Anyhow, putting aside my personal thoughts of the lyrics and title, LALISA has a pretty standard instrumental. I didn’t find anything interesting within it. I did like how it enabled a bit of attitude and sassiness from LISA herself. I also enjoyed LISA’s delivery of the song, particularly her rap verse in the second verse. That sequence was a bit of a wow factor for me and further proved to me her rapping ability (not that I had any doubts of her rapping capabilities in the first place). The repetition of the title ‘LALISA‘ is definitely quite catchy and helps makes the song memorable. But as I said at the start, the overly emphasised personalised side of LALISA makes it hard for me to really enjoy the song (though this is great for LISA!).

What I like about these solo music videos is that they are not confined to the usual amazingly designed and detailed sets we see the group (and other YG artists usually in). While they did re-emerge in this solo music video, it still had an outside component which I liked. That being said, the sets are really cool in this music video, particularly the white light dance set with the word LALISA forming part of the wall . That looked really cool and modern. I also like how the music video paid homage to LISA’s background with a bit of Thai influence in a segment of the music video through a set and some outfits. That was pretty cool element and LISA pulled it off effortlessly, just like every other look in this music video.

We got to see a fair bit of the choreography of the performance. And I think it is one that fits in with LISA really well. I liked the chorus in particular, which shows off two sides of her. There is a bit of cute bounce to the first half of the chorus, followed by the sassy and attitude-filled stomping in the second half of the chorus’ choreography. I also like the ‘L’ and ‘A’ that LISA and the dancers form with their hands to represent LISA’s name in the choreography.

Song – 6.5/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7.3/10

9 thoughts on “[Review] LALISA – LISA (BLACKPINK)

    1. Personally I think the choreography is okay because she has so sing with the backtrack and dance at the time. If the choreo was more difficult, she would have to lip sync the song for every performance and people will come for her if she does that so I think it’s just okay

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  1. You should try to watch and know MAMAMOO.. they are known in South Korea as most talented girl group but most senior in the industry recognize them as Artist. Also Maria by Hwasa of Mamamoo is the best song..the MV and it’s lyrics has its deeper meaning..and Hwasa her self participated in everything of her solo album..better to let the world know There is Kpop Girl Group that all the members are talented, genuine and really cares about music and that’s MAMAMOO

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    1. Oh I know all about Mamamoo. Massive fan of them and completely agree that all four members of the group are super talented! I am super excited for their upcoming compilation album with all the new versions of the group’s hits. I heard the highlight melody for it and am loving all the additional stuff they put in already!

      I have reviewed Mara before, and also the mini-album. Check out the reviews by clicking the hyperlinks 🙂


  2. I agree w/ most of your points. Lisa as a performer is amazing, she has “it factor” in a major way. A gifted dancer, pretty good rapper & more charisma than should be allowed! I really wanted to love the song, maybe even just really like the song, but hearing this honestly kind of makes me mad. The fact that Lisa’s talent is gatekept is really apparent, the fact that she has no artistic input is so glaringly obvious that it makes both songs feel empty. Really, that needs to change, these girls are talented & should have at least some creative control at this point. The b side is abysmal, such a cliche’. Just bad IMO. That’s all I’ll comment on that. The MV is dazzling even tho a couple of scenes felt awkward (the ATV scene, the cutesy scene). Lisa is gorgeous, a beautiful performer but it’s as if she’s an actor on this project, a good one, but going thru the motions. I will continue to hold out hope for authenticity for future projects. I admit I cancelled my order for the physicals, feels like a money grab now by YG. I love you Lisa, you deserve better.


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