[Weekly KPOP Chart] 2nd Week of September 2021

Another busy week has passed and it is time for me to reflect on it via a Weekly KPOP Chart post! I don’t have much to update you with, other than that I have decided that next weekend will be a intensive album review weekend, so I can finally make some progress on that load of albums I have flagged that I will be reviewing. Otherwise, still in lockdown and still eating my weight in snacks (though I have balanced that out with a fruit salad binge – fresh though). Hopefully, I can have something more interesting to update you with next week!

New songs on the charts

In addition to the songs I have reviewed this week (Young K and Lisa’s solo debuts, the comebacks of STAYC and PURPLE KISS, and the collaboration release between HyunA and DAWN), a whole bunch of other releases have been added to the charts, including:

  • Everything Is Because of You – CHOI (LU:KUS)
  • Goodnight, Summer – Sungmin (Super Junior)
  • Run – LUMINOUS
  • Red Lipstick – Lee Hi ft. Yoo Mi Rae
  • mOnO – OnlyOnOf
  • CHEESE – Stray Kids (I also added The View to the charts as part of last week’s entries)
  • All unit releases from Golden Child’s second studio album, Game Changer.

Throwback corner

I spent a lot of my week listening to Infinite, B1A4, Sonamoo and Oh My Girl for some unknown reason. They just popped into my autoplay and I told myself ‘why not?’. So I had a lot of choice this week to decide who to feature in the Throwback Corner of this post.

Ultimately, I have decided to feature Sonamoo and their single Friday Night. They are the lesser known group out of the four that I listed, so let’s give them a shoutout!

The Charts

Congratulations to Stray Kids, once again, for rising to the top of the charts for the 2nd Week of September 2021 with Thunderous. They were last in the top spot for the final week of August with the same song. For more of the charts, scroll down below.

2nd Week of September 202105 Sep – 11 Sep 2021
1ThunderousStray Kids(▲ 1)
3Guard YouYoung K (DAY6)(NEW)
6LemonadeLee Eun Sang(▲ 72)
8Gas PedalCRAVITY(▼ 4)
9ChangerA.C.E.(▲ 6)
10PoppingONF(▲ 47)
11OutsiderBTOB(▼ 10)
12FLEXT1419(▲ 24)
13DUMB DUMBJeon Somi(▲ 15)
14QueendomRed Velvet(▼ 1)
15SOOPJenyer ft. Heo Gayoon(▲ 63)
16Dreaming LUMINOUS LUMINOUS(▲ 48)
17The ViewStray Kids(▲ 61)
19Not FriendsRyan Jhyun & Heejin, Kim Lip, Jinsoul, Yves (LOONA)(▲ 59)
20AliveASTRO(▲ 58)
22After We RideBrave Girls(▼ 4)
23DIVEJinyoung (GOT7)(▲ 3)
24DizzyW.A.O(▲ 54)
25You Can’t Sit With UsSunmi(▲ 8)
27Summer or SummerHyolyn & Dasom(▲ 23)
28Tictoc Tictoc Tictoc AKMU ft. Beenzino(▲ 11)
29GalleryPark Ji Hoon(▼ 12)
30Life is BeautifulONEUS(▲ 28)

Songs leaving the charts this week

The following songs have wrapped up their nine week run on the charts and have now been removed!

  • Rain – BOYHOOD (Nam Donghyun) ft. Kisum
  • Teamo – Minzy
  • Drink It – The Boyz
  • Summertime – HA:TFELT ft. Keem Hyoeun
  • Summer Taste – Rain, MONSTA X, ATEEZ & Brave Girls
  • questiOn mark – OnlyOneOf

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