[Review] DDARA – Golden Child

Part of today’s comeback lineup is Golden Child, who has returned with their repackaged version of their second studio length album. The new album has been re-released with the title DDARA. The title track for this release also shares the same name as the newly titled album. DDARA follows the release of Ra Pam Pam from early August. In Golden Child related updates, I will be posting reviews to Golden Child’s unit and solo tracks from their Game Changer album over the coming nights, ahead of their album review later this week. The new songs on DDARA will also be included as part of this album review! But until then, here are my thoughts on DDARA.

DDARA falls into what I would consider to be a niche within the new jack swing genre of music. The new jack swing style tends to be quite in your face, but DDARA seems to hold back on that upfront nature. Because of this, and the sleekness of the song’s main hook and the overall approach of the Golden Child members in this song, DDARA comes off very mature and elegant-sounding. It is very different from what Golden Child has put out more recently, which fell more into the EDM space. What stands out to me in DDARA is the various delivery of vocals and raps throughout the song. We hear a lot of different styles, including acapella at the start of the song, the raspy nature of the song’s main hook (which is quite catchy), the strong vocals that brings vibrancy to the chorus and soft vocals elsewhere, and (finally) refined yet dynamic hip-hop style rapping in the second verse and rap-speaking elsewhere. And there is probably a bit more to add to the list if I had space. As touched on above, the hooks (not just the main hook as already mentioned) were quite catchy. They seemed to bring a dynamic energy to the song, particularly the ‘Yeah this is how we do it‘ chants, which adds contrast. Contrast was also the main theme at the end of the song as the producers throw a bit of a curveball, changing it up by adding altered voices into the background. It was definitely a change up that I thought was needed as the song would easily attracted a (negative) repetitive complaint had that change up not been there. Contrast seemed to be present up to the very last second, as well. In the final line, we got a duo combination of vocal styles. All the members start off chanting one of the song’s hooks, before one member ends the line by himself (not sure who). I thought that was a dynamic and impactful line. Overall, DDARA is a different style, but a good sense of style.

The music video also taps into that sophisticated side. The room (painted pale green room with gold detailings on the wall that I am sure other KPOP idols have filmed in before) was classy and vintage-looking. The props in the room were also gave off that same vibe, though I am not too sure of the food items they had on the table when everyone was in the room (cheeseballs, sauce bottles and decorating donuts – someone didn’t get the classy and elegant memo for that aspect of this video). The choreography scenes were quite simple. A black and white filter, with the member dancing over a white background. The sophistication here comes from the members who are dressed in suits and looked very dapper and proper. Not the most amazing music video, but it works.

The choreography for this comeback shows off both style and flair, which stands out for me. I quite liked the leg flicks. They were soft moves, but quite sharp in execution. It looks quite good. I also like how the rest of the choreography amps up right after the leg flicks to match the energy and beats from the new jack swing elements in the instrumentation. It is a strong routine that matches their concept for this comeback, overall.

Song – 9/10
Music Video – 7.5/10
Performance – 10/10
Overall Rating – 8.8/10

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