[Weekly KPOP Chart] 1st Week of October 2021

Another week has flown by. This week was pretty much Golden Child week for me, as I spent a fair amount of my time writing reviews for their unit and solo releases ahead of their album review (posted yesterday in case you have missed it), when I could be writing reviews for other missed releases. I am actually going to repeat the same process for Stray Kids this week, reviewing their side tracks that have a music video before their album review next weekend. So, Stray Kids week, this week! I will try to get some other reviews out as well, as it looks like I am a bit freer (and its perfect weather to stay indoors this week – i.e. rainy), but we will see how I go. Other than that very quick update, here are the Weekly KPOP Charts for the 1st Week of October (yikes!).

New releases of the week

I have already reviewed ATEEZ’s Eternal Sunshine, CRAVITY’s VENI VIDI VICI and new singles from aespa, WOODZ, Youngjae, Golden Child. But here are the other releases of the week that I have not covered just yet.

  • My Love – LU4US
  • Kiss of Fire – WOODZ
  • Will Make A Mistake – BLITZERS
  • Sober – N.Flying
  • GLASSY – Jo Yuri
  • Addicted PIXY
  • MADONNA – Luna (f(x))

Throwback Corner

So part of this week involved a Nine Muses binge, one of the most underrated groups of KPOP ever! Nine Muses gave us hit after hit, with 2013 being their biggest year (3 comebacks) and the closest to which they got to the top of the charts. I leave you today with my all time favourite track from the group, Wild.

Non-Korean Release of the Week

Technically, as it contains Korean lyrics, I would make the argument that this is a Korean release and so should not be part of this corner. But as it is more marketed towards the Western pop music industry (and was formally released by Coldplay), I have decided to include My Universe, Coldplay & BTS’ collaboration, as this week’s ‘Non-Korean Release of the Week’. But as there are Korean lyrics and a music video, a full review for My Universe will be posted in the coming weeks – not sure when is.

The Charts

Congratulations to Youngjae, as his solo debut title track, Vibin, has topped the charts for the 1st Week of October 2021!. For more of the charts, scroll down below.

1st Week of October 20213rd Oct – 9th Oct 2021
1VibinYoungjae (GOT7)(NEW)
3POPPIN’Y & Jangjun (Golden Child)(▲ 61)
5BlueWonho(▲ 7)
6Eternal SunshineATEEZ(NEW)
7That FeelingSeungmin, Donghyun, Jaehyun (Golden Child)(▲ 63)
10DDARAGolden Child(NEW)
11Out The WindowDaeyeol (Golden Child)(▲ 39)
12ThunderousStray Kids(▲ 4)
13Singing In The RainJoochan & Bomin (Golden Child)(▲ 57)
14GAMETAG & Jibeom (Golden Child)(▲ 51)
15Life Is BeautifulONEUS(▲ 10)
16The ViewStray Kids(▲ 10)
18CHEESEStray Kids(▲ 9)
19BAD LOVEKey (SHINee)(▼ 18)
20LO$ER=LO♡ERTXT(▼ 10)
22PoppingONF(▼ 17) (FINAL WEEK)
23After ‘We Ride’Brave Girls(▲ 5)
24Out of the BlueDowoon (DAY6)(▲ 38)
25WaveCIX(▼ 12)
26ChangerA.C.E(▼ 20)
27BlindCiipher(▼ 24)
28My UniverseColdplay & BTS(▼ 9)
29ZombiePURPLE KISS(▼ 14)
30LOCOITZY(▼ 22)

Songs leaving the charts this week

Alongside The Boyz’s THRILL RIDE and ONF’s Popping (as indicated above), the following songs will no long er be part of the Weekly KPOP Charts:

  • Strawberry Gum – Ha Sung Woon ft. Don Mills
  • PRESENTE – 777
  • Summer or Summer – Hyolyn & Dasom
  • Walking In The Rain – AB6IX
  • Close Your Eyes – Bz-Boys
  • Gallery – Park Ji Hoon
  • MANIAC – Ryan Jhun, NCT U (Haechan & Doyoung)
  • Second Hyoyeon (SNSD) ft. BIBI

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