[Review] Crazy About You – UP10TION

The next comeback from yesterday to be reviewed is UP10TION, who returned with their 10th mini-album, Novella, which is lead by the title track Crazy About You. This is the group’s first comeback since the release of CONNECTION and SPIN OFF back in June of last year. As per their last comeback and since their 2020 Light comeback, UP10TION continues to promote as an seven member group, with no news of Lee Jin Hyuk or Kim Woo Seok returning to the group any time soon and leader Jinhoo is still serving in the military.

Crazy About You is another decent song, though it might be another forgettable release from the group. Personally, I don’t find anything special or innovative with the song. It just feels like a standard release with a sentimental tone and EDM/orchestral blend instrumentation. Nothing memorable pings me from Crazy About You, which is bit of a disappointment since I think the song is a good indication of UP10TION’s abilities. Following the likes of SPIN OFF, which was a lot more vibrant and punchy with its vocals and instrumentation (though this may be attributed to the Summery season in which it was released), Crazy About You feels like a meh and boring release. But that being said, KPOP has delivered vibrant and punchy dance tracks in the Winter season in the past, and so I think this shouldn’t have limited the song. Anyhow, while Crazy About You does falter in comparison on their previous comeback and is a lot safer in terms sound, there was enough within the song to like still. And well, the entire package was quite enjoyable to listen to. The vocals and rapping from the members were solid work, and the EDM/orchestral blend instrumentation was fine as well. Once again, I reiterate that Crazy About You was not innovative, but as mentioned earlier on, it is still a strong showing overall. I think a strong melody or hook would have made Crazy About You stand out more.

It appears that the UP10TION members have taken on board a more mature look for this comeback. While Crazy About You does take on an undeniable sentimental tone, the members looked sensual and sophisticated look in their choreography scenes and the art gallery scenes. It does sound like a bit of a mismatch in terms of sound and visuals, but I think it works. On the flip side, the members also show boyfriend or boy next door visuals during their flashback scenes, which comes about when they inspect the artworks within the gallery.

I think the main reason to why those outfit works with the sentimental tone is that the choreography takes on the sentimental side of the song. The moves weren’t crazy powerful to match the instrumental, nor sexy as per their outfits. Rather, the moves were more so on the delicate side of things. Like the song, nothing original. But it was a good performance overall. I particularly like the backwards walking in the chorus, and how that helped make the chorus feel fresh each time.

Song – 7/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 7.3/10

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