[Weekly KPOP Chart] 5th Week of December 2021

As mentioned previously, I was unable to post any Weekly KPOP Charts for the final two weeks of December (and 2021 in general) as I was on break visiting family and friends. The break is now over and I am officially back reviewing (as you can tell from the slow release of song reviews over the last few days). However, I have taken some time away from the reviews to do the maths and post these charts (so that there is a bit of a separation between 2021 and 2022 Weekly KPOP Charts).

Anyhow, as this is a late post, I will get right into it! I present to you the Weekly KPOP Charts for the 5th Week of December 2021 (dates were 26 December 2021 – 1st January 2022) .

New Song Releases of the Week

These songs were released between 26 December 2021 – 1st January 2022, and hence are included in the Weekly KPOP Charts system:

  • nostalgia – Junny & JAY B (GOT7) ft. Lullaboy
  • Dreams Come True – aespa
  • Hope from KWANGYA – SMTOWN
  • Unforgettable – Kim Jae Hwan
  • Who You Are – BamBam (GOT7) ft. Seulgi (Red Velvet)
  • Winter Sleep – IU
  • Beauty and the Beast – The Rose
  • Shutdown – Moonbyul (Mamamoo) ft. Seori
  • Savior – SF9
  • Flower Language – IZ
  • Nundongja – Moon Suijin
  • Shadow – THE MAN BLK
  • Step Back – GOT the beat
  • Anymore – Jeon Somi

The Charts

Congratulations to IVE, who held onto the top spot for the third week in a row, with their debut single ELEVEN. For more of the charts, scroll down below.

5th Week of December 202126th Dec 2021 – 01 Jan 2022
3ElectrifiedHa Sung Woon(▲ 29)
4TurbulenceATEEZ(▲ 21)
5PirateEVERGLOW(▲ 15)
6Christmas EveLStray Kids(▲ 15)
7Call MePIXY(▲ 62)
8A-HAHyolyn(▲ 61)
9Melting SnowmanOnlyOneOf(▲ 60)
10GoosebumpsONF(▼ 3)
11Winter FallsStray Kids(▲ 7)
13Rocking DollRocking Doll(▲ 56)
14Adore YouB1A4(▲ 55)
15Beauty and the BeastThe Rose(NEW)
16Rolling RollingLUCY(▲ 53)
17Christmas is YouLUNARSOLAR(▲ 52)
18Cause I Miss YouVAV(▲ 51)
19Universe (Let’s Play Ball)NCT U(▼ 9)
20WayOnew (SHINee) ft. Punch(▲ 28)
21Waves of YouKisu(▲ 48)
22TraumaSF9(▼ 19)
23White LoveLABOUM(▼ 4)
25Do The DanceLee Hyori(▲ 44)
26The Real (Heung Version)ATEEZ(▼ 22)
27BARCODELilli Lilli(▲ 20)
28Everyday ChristmasDAVICHI(▲ 41)
29Merry FantasyPinkFantasy(▲ 40)
30GiftZion.T(▲ 16)

Songs Leaving the Charts

The following songs left the Weekly KPOP Charts after officially completing their nine week run on the Weekly KPOP Chart System:

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