[Review] Ven para – Weeekly

Returning with a complete image shakeup this week is Weeekly with their latest single, Ven para. It is featured on the group’s first single album, Play Game: Awake. Ven para is the group’s fourth comeback since their debut with Tag Me, and it follows 2021 releases that featured their After School and Holiday Party. This comeback features all of the members in the recording and music video, but unfortunately member Shin Jiyoon is sitting out of the promotions for this comeback.

Gone are the days of Tag Me and Zig Zag. While their 2021 releases (After School and Holiday Party) moved away from the group’s cutesy debut sound, they still maintained their youthfulness. With Ven para, that is also out the door. Instead, we get this edgy piece that is very much more mature and serious than ever before. I don’t mind the verses. I quite liked the subtle use of the brass and the flute at the very end of the verses. I could have done with less autotune, just so the verses appeared a bit more clean and sleek. The rapping sequences in the second verse were impressive, and gave itself a a more noticeable clean and sleek profile that the first was heading towards. The choruses inclines quite suddenly with a powerful and intense backing, Its energy and atmosphere peaks almost straight away, which I thought was interesting. But the chorus was brief and the chorus ends as soon as it started. I kind of wished there was more of it. The bridge tones down Ven para with some good vocal sequences, before a shouty chant sequence returns the song to its powerful glory. I quite like the idea of this chanty sequence – just didn’t like the high pitch the ‘Ven para acá‘ finished on though. What is lacking in Ven para is a memorable hook. What we got was decent, but it just didn’t stay in my head or impress me. Had there been a stronger hook to Ven para, I think this sound change would have been more successful. As for now, it is a decent track.

The music video was fiery, thanks to the fire and images of the sun. The red colouring in some of the sets also helped push this concept further. I do like how it isn’t overwhelming though. They offset the heat with a cooler choreography set that features a heavy presence of the blue colour and looks sophisticated. I liked their use of green screen in the video. It might not be the most stunning look ever, but it is a lot better than some other applications of the green screen that I can think of.

I quite liked the clapping and other hand movements in the chorus. I also enjoyed their charisma on stage, which fits this comeback very well. A good performance, overall.

Song – 7.5/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 8/10
Overall Rating – 7.8/10

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