[Review] Too Bad – WEi

Last week’s reviews aren’t over just yet. Today, I will be reviewing WEi’s comeback track, Too Bad, which was released last Wednesday. It was dropped alongside the group’s fourth mini-album since debut, Love Pt.1: First Love, which appears to also be the start of a new series. This is the group’s first comeback since last year’s BYE BYE BYE and Kim Yo Han’s solo debut with DESSERT earlier this year.

Too Bad delves deeper into the upbeat pop side of the group that was previously explored in their last comeback by taking on more of a bright bubblegum-like profile. The repeat listens (well, it has been over a week since its release) I have given the song should be thanked for helping make me enjoy Too Bad more. Now, Too Bad comes off as pleasant and fun number to enjoy. There are a few drivers of this. Firstly, the melodies and vocals have this Goldilock’s ratio to it – not too slow, not too fast, not too heavy and not too light. Just right. The ad-libs at the end were just what the song needed at that exact moment and its presence was very much appreciated. Secondly, the lightness of the overall track. All of which contributes to the pleasantness of Too Bad. But to ensure the song isn’t too light, Too Bad also features some hefty rap sequences that do not depart from the pop sound as much. I liked this balance and allowed doesn’t distract from the true essence of the song. The instrumental was a nice mix of guitar and percussion, creating an enjoyable atmosphere that gives of Summery vibes, especially towards the end of the song. I guess Korea is heading for Summer very soon (as I am heading full speed ahead for Winter) and WEi is preparing us for that. The lacking aspect of Too Bad was the hooks. Nothing substantial came from it, and the song relied more on the other aspects that I have praised earlier in this section. Had the hooks been more pronounced, profound and memorable, Too Bad would have been a smashing track with ultimate balance.

As the music moved towards the bubblegum side of pop music, the members showed a sweeter and cuter side of them in their vocal work. And that, without a doubt, was also reflected in this music video. Usually, I would not have enjoyed the video as much for its direction. But the music video for Too Bad was actually decent to watch. The acting wasn’t terrible or overly exaggerated (though I kind of wished they were fanboying over the girl in a more discreet fashion/location and not like two steps away from her). It was also quite colourful, but I liked how they also incorporated a ‘dark’ atmosphere in this video as well.

I think the choreography was the element of this comeback where their image change became a reality for me. The cutesy vibes and youthful charms are turned on completely for the stage performances, with the members having great camera chemistry. The fun atmosphere was in full effect as well. The dance moves, on the other hand, weren’t anything amazing.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 7.5/10
Overall Rating – 7.9/10

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