[Review] Cupid – DKZ

Apologies once again for the break I took this week. Work took a lot of energy out of me again. But I am back this weekend with reviews for you all. Starting off this weekend of reviews (and more!) is DKZ’s Cupid, which was released on 12 April 2022. For those who might think DKZ is a new group, they are not! DKZ is actually DONGKIZ, originally a five member male group from Dongpyo Entertainment which debuted back in 2018. Earlier this year, it was announced the group would under go a rebranding from DONGKIZ to DKZ. It was also announced that member Wondae would depart from the group due to health reasons, and the group would be reformed into a seven member group with the addition of 3 new members. The release of Cupid also follows the success of Jaechan’s acting in Semantic Error. This is also my first review for the group since their 2020 comeback Beautiful.

The reason to why I picked up Cupid for my first review after almost a week’s absence is because I have been thoroughly enjoying Cupid this week. I remember upon its initial release that I found Cupid to be lively and upbeat. And while that still remains to be the case, Cupid has definitely snowballed for me since then. Cupid had grown into an exciting, fun and playful track that is super catchy and definitely worth every replay I have given it. The melodies and the song’s main hook (i.e. ‘Forget me, Want to me, Bounce on me‘) are definitely elements of Cupid that have been keyed into my mind (just ignore the poor of English in this song). The brassy pop instrumental has a nice punch to it when it gets to the chorus, which helps makes Cupid super energetic and gives the chorus a chance to really pop out from the standard verses. I also like how shouty the members get in the second half of the chorus, which undoubtedly complements the energy driven nature of the chorus. In addition to the shouty delivery, I liked the vocalists in choruses, as they give Cupid a really abrasive texture with their scratchy voices which contrasts with the rest of the song and also gives oomph to the song. My favourite bit has to be the ending, when Jaechan shouts ‘Encore‘ and the same instrumental that backs the choruses comes into play for a final round. There is just something about this section that just stands out even though it is just a repeat sequence. Overall, I can see why a lot more people are attracted to Cupid.

The music video is pretty standard, but it offers a fun and lighthearted story that works well with the song. (despite it also being cringy at the same time). Essentially, DKZ operates a business that searches for others’ loved ones (similar to how Cupid connect people together). They get a few random clients at the start, but nothing really interests them. However, when a mysterious female character steps in and asks the group to search for a person, they all jump on board and accept her as a client. She hands them a bunch of pictures of this person’s features, which the members start using as clues to find this person. Well, it turns out they weren’t searching for one person, but rather than seven persons (i.e. themselves), as each image corresponded to each member. In the end, the members were rounded up by the mysterious female character who actually is the police and the guys go to prison. A bit of a reach towards the end, but hey, the video is meant to be comical and not taken serious. Other than the plot, I really like colourfulness of the video, which help boosted the vibrancy of both the visuals and the song.

Like the song and music video, I would say this choreography is fun. My favourite bits was during the chorus, when the music was intense and their moves matched said intensity. I did wish the final sequence of instrumental (following ‘Encore‘) was more freestyle, as that would made the routine a bit more exciting. But overall, a fair effort.

Song – 8.5/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 7.5/10
Overall Rating – 8.2/10

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