[Album Review] Be Together (3rd Studio Album) – BTOB

It has been almost a month since my last album review. But I am finally getting back to writing them and posting them on weekends. But be aware as I am quite back up with a very long list of many great albums I want to review, so please bare with me. The first album I want to visit is BTOB’s third studio length album, Be Together, which was released back in February of this year. Featured on this album is the title track The Song, nine side tracks, an intro, an interlude and an outro track. So it is definitely jammed packed. This album, for those who may not recall, was also BTOB’s grand comeback as a full group since 2018 and follows the military enlistment of all members (aside from Peniel).

As a quick summary. I find myself to be a fan of every song on this album in one way or another. That is the greatest outcome for any album. Knowing BTOB’s background and successful songs, there are obviously ballads on this album. But some of the album’s standouts are not ballads and are more so hidden gems on this album (as they are placed in the midst of the many ballads on this album). But obviously, more on those songs as I get to them. So without any more delays (or else this might get delayed), let’s me get straight into the first album review after a while, BTOB’s Be Together.

Be Together Album Cover

1. Intro: The Trace (Intro: 발자취) – The album starts off with a fairly simple introductory track. Over a really nice piano melody that sets a balladry tone for the album, we can hear someone walking through the snow. It is piece I can vividly imagine and see myself in.

2. The Song (노래) (Title Track) Click here to read the full review for The Song. (9/10)

3. Blooming Day (봄이 피어나) – My favourite aspects of Blooming Day are the presence of the raps in the verses. Minhyuk really pushed the song to the next level with his sequence, while Peniel brought a nice flow. They also brought whole lot of intensity to the ballad, which peaked my interest in the song and made it so captivating. I also liked that the chorus follows the momentum of the raps creating a powerful centrepiece. The ad-libs in the final chorus also builds the intensity and gives off a similar effect. (10/10)

4. Be Together (우리) Be Together, the namesake for this album, continues the album’s ballad focus. Be Together is a beautiful one with a swayable atmosphere and melody that you will know I would like. I really like the rock elements in the instrumental of this ballad, which throws out the idea that a ballad has to be classically instrumented in order to beautiful. The vocals stand out in this one, showcasing strong and powerful vocals. The rappers held themselves back with small and slighter sequences, but I liked how their parts still had intensity. (9/10)

5. My Way My Way changes the momentum of the album up with a more upbeat track, delving into a R&B and hip-hop mix. It sounds quite urban, and is a song that I wouldn’t mind listening to whilst walking through a hip neighbourhood. I like how everyone brought their A-game for this track. Unlike the preceding track, both vocalists and rappers’ factions of the group were on par with each other and brought great energy to the song. I particularly like the echoing effect of the post-chorus hook. (9/10)

6. WhiskeyWhiskey follows My Way’s more urban feel, but opts for a R&B instrumental that feels groovier while the lyrics are a lot sexier. There is also a sleekness to the song’s instrumental that I totally digging. I really like the character and personality that the members put behind their vocals. It just adds depth and energy to the song that would have felt plain had more standard vocals/raps been used. It also demonstrates BTOB’s vocal versatility between members, but their ability to also remain cohesive. For example, Peniel’s more hip-hop aligned breakdown in the second verse was a surprising presence, but fits into the bigger picture that is Whiskey. (8/10)

7. Interlude: Re – The album features an interlude track, Re, which is a minute and a half of a soothing piano melody. It brings down the energy of the album following some upbeat tracks, enabling the next track to be placed.

8. LonelyLonely is another ballad on this album. But rather than being your typical slow or flowy ballad, Lonely is a fairly intense ballad thanks to the presence of the strings throughout the track. Not in the dramatic sense, but more so in a captivating sense. In addition to the strings, the members’ vocals also build up the intensity of the song and adds to that captivation. It isn’t a smashing ballad like the others earlier on this album, but Lonely is still a strong one nonetheless. (8/10)

9. Dance With Me (춤)Dance With Me bring up the album’s energy levels with another dynamic track. The energy is quite refreshing and thoroughly enjoyable. And for that, I deem it as one of my favourite side tracks on this album. Dance With Me features some really cool and intriguing guitar work at the start. But that is not only where we get the guitar work. I liked how the guitar makes a presence throughout the song, pulling the different segments together. The powerful vocals are a highlight in this song, while the upbeat nature enables the rappers to dive into their parts. (10/10)

10. Higher – Thanks to its rock influences, Higher is definitely the odd one out on this album. But instead of me questioning its presence on the album, Higher steals my attention and carries me away. Before I know it, the song is over and I am left wanting more. I remember it leaving me floored when I listened to the album back in February. And after four months, Higher still leaves me on the edge of my seat and gets me head banging! I quite liked the snowballing effect the energy has, which is thanks to both the rock instrumentation and the members’ powerful energy they channeled through the song. (10/10)

11. Thank YouThank You is the type of song to bring a smile to your face. At least, it did for me. Thank You had a tall order in following the likes of Higher, but I think it handled it pretty well. The song is much sweeter (to match the lyrics) and less energy driven, but it wasn’t as an extreme step down in terms of upbeatness. I like the jazzy notes within the instrumental, the more loving vocals the members provide to the song and the random burst of brass we get consistently in the backing. (8.5/10)

12. It’s All Good (흘려보내) – The second last song on the album remains in upbeat territory with its pop rock instrumentation, but you can tell that the group is slowly tuning down the energy to help ease us off the album. It isn’t as a riveting piece as it could be, but it has its charms. I really like the soaring and floaty melodies that It’s All Good has. My only critical note about the song is Minhyuk’s powerful and strong entrance in the bridge, which contrasts practically everything in the track and it feels a bit unexpected. I am not entirely sure what to think of this. It works with the idea of a pop rock instrumental, but it doesn’t work in harmony as with the rest of the song. (7/10)

13. Outro: Encore – Ending the album is an outro track, titled Encore. Usually, when the title includes the ‘Outro’ tag, it is something brief, and not a full-fledged 4-minute-long track like how Encore was. It is fitting that the album closes out with a ballad, just like how it started. I enjoyed how stunning this one was, from start to end, vocals to raps. I really liked the high notes in this as well, giving the track a breathtaking element. Encore is classically and acoustically instrumented and was quite riveting. An amazing end to the album. (10/10)

Overall Album Rating – 9/10

Be Together Teaser Image

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