[Review] Flip That – LOONA

As mentioned in my last song review, two Queendom 2 participants made their comeback this week. Now it is time for the second group and runner up of the competition to get their review. LOONA has made a comeback with a special Summer mini-album, Flip That, which features the title track of the same name. Aside from Queendom 2, this is the first time we are seeing the group following their PTT (Paint The Town) Korean comeback and their Japanese debut Hula Hoop.

Compared to their last few releases (which have been more powerful and intense releases), Flip That brings a very different colour to the group’s discography. Flip That is described as a house based track. But instead of the usual likes of house EDM, Flip That is more subdued, light and airy. That being said, there is still heft and bass to the instrumental. This creates an interesting and almost aesthetic atmosphere that feels unique and different. Their vocals take on a sweeter and brighter tone profile, which I find to pair extremely well with the instrumentation and its subdued nature. Keeping the song is check and balance are the rappers, who too brought a smidge of heft to the song. But while this sound combination sounds successful so far, I don’t find Flip That to be LOONA’s most riveting piece to date. This determination came down to the melodies and hooks. A small part of me felt Flip That‘s melodies and hooks were memorable to a degree. But a much larger part of me a feels that the melodies and hooks were underwhelming, underdeveloped and underplayed. It didn’t feel enough, if you understand what I mean. I wished it was teased out a bit more and brought a more dynamic touch to the song. Overall, Flip That does have its pros and cons. At this stage, I like it for its uniqueness and thinks that this compensates for the rest of the track.

To match the song’s subdued sound, Flip That‘s accompanying music video takes on a more lighthearted and innocent look compared to their recent music videos. Its bright and airy. There is a lot of colour (though not bold or heavy handed, which I find it be quite nice and easy on the eyes). I really love the forest background that was selected for one of the choreography shots in music video. Its so vivid, and the producers put a lot of thought in ensuring that the video remained balanced with the 12 members and bright white outfits. Not entirely sure if the video is trying to tell a story of some kind, but it can easily be summed up as the members enjoying their time outdoors (or towards their next location/comeback).

Just like the song and music video, the choreography takes on a lighter, cuter and more delicate feel. I like what they did with the formation of the second chorus, and the chorus routine in general. And also, I like that they kept their signature synchronisation. But as a whole piece, I didn’t feel like it was as captivating as the performance could have be.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 7.5/10
Performance – 6.5/10
Overall Rating – 7.7/10

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