[Album Review] The World EP.1: Movement (9th Mini Album) – ATEEZ

The second album I wanted to review during the week which I didn’t get around to was ATEEZ’s most recent release – The World EP.1: Movement. This is a more recent release to the albums I have been reviewing, dropping at the end of July of this year. And you will probably see me visiting some more recent album releases as I want to make sure I reviewing albums from all over the 2022 timeline (not just ones released many many months ago). The World EP.1: Movement features the title track Guerrilla, an introductory track (not included in the final rating) and 5 additional side tracks.

I use the word ‘epic’ or synonyms of the word a few times throughout this album review. And I think it is the right word to describe the album as a whole. And it comes no surprise for ATEEZ, who have put out some epic mini-albums over their years since their debut in 2018. I was only slightly disappointed with one song, and the rest of the mini-album really compensated for that. Can’t wait to see what else ATEEZ has in store for us in this new series!

The World EP 1: Movement Album Cover

1. PROPGANDA – This intro track was first introduced to us in the teasers leading up the album’s release. It serves as ATEEZ’s wake-up call to the dystopian world, which under the control of regime of the time. For majority of the length of PROPGANDA, the track features a lot of powerful EDM. But as we reach the end, electrifying rock takes over (hinting to us what is yet to come) and Jongho’s signature delivery of high notes. If you are not woken up from this intro track, I don’t know what will.

2. Sector 1Sector 1 starts off with simmering intensity but a calm atmosphere. But this arrangement only lasts briefly, just until the chorus. Then, Sector 1 quickly propels itself into its punchy chorus. I really liked those higher pitched vocals, which heightens the chorus even further. From there, Sector 1 maintains its punchy and intensity nature through some powerful rapping. The second verse’s pre-chorus briefly calms the song down before we find ourselves in the same chorus as before. The bridge maintains the intensity before the chorus comes back for its last hurrah in a hip-hop anthem fashion. Overall, a grand song that knows how pack a punch. (8.5/10)

3. Cyberpunk – I can definitely see how Cyberpunk attracted the attention of the fandom. The psychedelic-trance EDM instrumentation was definitely a prominent and iconic piece on this album. I really liked how the energy is paced in Cyberpunk and how that momentum was maintained throughout the track. In addition to that, the descending chorus line was superb and definitely added another iconic feature to the song. Seonghwa’s rendition of the line in opening the final chorus is the best in this song, with the roughness in this voice just doing wonders to that part. (10/10)

4. Guerrilla (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for Guerrilla. (8.5/10)

5. The Ring – To me, The Ring felt suitable for an epic adventure movie and we are at the part of the story where the characters needed some encouragement or hype to go on with their mission. On top of the hip-hop synth arrangement that plays an important part in The Ring, the addition of violins gives The Ring that epic vibe. I also really enjoyed the dramatic and theatrical flair of the chorus, which really solidified the momentous feeling behind The Ring. And, given that the song is more geared towards the hip-hop genre, the rappers really take full control of the wheel of The Ring and adds more to the epicness of the song. (10/10)

6. WDIG (Where Did I Go)WDIG continues the epic vibes from the previous song. But WDIG falls more into the usual EDM realm of KPOP nowadays, bringing a more electronic prominence to the song. While I thought the verses were really well done and were relatively clear to appreciate, the chorus was a bit too autotuned and the hook was felt too drawn out for my liking. This made the song less appealing, compared to the rest of the album. Jongho’s vocals were probably the more enjoyable aspects of the chorus, but this doesn’t really help out much as it reflects the clearness factor which I had already touched on for the verses. (7/10)

7. New WorldNew World follows the formula of the title track, bringing together EDM dance synths and rock to form a powerful and bombastic end to the album. The rock is a tad slower and this makes New World more mature to a degree. Mingi is the standout member in this song, simply because his rapping was fire. And naturally, it was paired with some of the best aspects of the instrumental – such as that fast paced and thrilling thumping at the end of the bridge which brought New World a head-banging climax. A strong ender to the album. (8/10)

Overall Album Rating – 8.7/10

The World EP.1: Movement / Guerrilla Teaser Image

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