[Album Review] DOUBLAST (2nd Mini Album) – Kep1er

Next album review on the blog is for Kep1er, who made their comeback back in June of this year with DOUBLAST. It features the title track Up! and four additional side tracks. This comeback is their first one ever, following their debut with WA DA DA and FIRST IMPACT from very early on in the year.

The latest mini-album was a fairly decent one. There are a few strong side tracks, but the rest of the mini-album was more average. But even if I found it decent and average, you might enjoy the mini-album more than me. So don’t be shy and give DOUBLAST a listen yourself to see if you agree with my thoughts or not.

DOUBLAST Album Cover

1. Up! (Title Track)Click here to read the full review of Up!. (7/10)

2. LE VOYA9E – For some reason, I had in my mind that LE VOYA9E was going to be some sort of dance track. I have no idea where this misconception had come from, but I think it was based on the spelling of the song’s title. Instead, LE VOYA9E was a very gentle and soft song, with acoustics and a sparse use of synths bringing the song to life. I found LE VOYA9E to be quite unique, with the whispery delivery in the chorus. Elsewhere, the vocals were quite lovely. (8/10)

3. AttentionAttention opens up with synths that reminding me of the jungle environment, setting up the song to be appropriate for the summer season. As the song progresses, this jungle like reminder is forgotten. But it is replaced with a dynamic and upbeat pop instrumentation that has a nice cute and likeable quality to it. Attention does feel straightforward, but it was done really well. I also enjoyed this number and recommend it anyone who is looking for a Kep1er song. (9/10)

4. Good NightGood Night is a more soft and pleasant pop track. I quite liked the youthful and vibrant side of the vocals in this song. Both the instrumentation and vocals helped make the song enjoyable. But when you compare it to the preceding tracks, Good Night doesn’t really offer anything new, interesting or exciting. (7/10)

5. RewindDOUBLAST finishes off with a mid-tempo ballad. Rewind is the album’s most generic release, as this style has been done so many times before. What Kep1er does manage to do to make it their own is through nice vocals and melodies. But it isn’t the most riveting release from the group or from this mini-album. (7/10)

Overall Album Rating – 7.6/10

DOUBLAST Teaser Image

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