[Review] Timeless – THE BOYZ

Another slight change to the review schedule for today. Sliding in a scheduled post instead of what I had planned for today. Back to normal for tomorrow!

Another album review I will be posting in the near future is for THE BOYZ’s BE AWARE, which dropped mid-August of this year. A week prior to the official release of both BE AWARE and the title track WHISPER, THE BOYZ did pre-release the track Timeless. As it also got a music video, I thought I write a quick review for Timeless.

Timeless is quite a different track to their title track for what became their 7th mini-album. The only common thread between the two songs is the fact that both songs are ideal for the summer season. The major difference, however, is the title track is much more synth-based and a performance piece, whilst Timeless is more approachable and calming to listen to. I use the terms ‘pleasant’ and ‘soothing’ quite often on my blog (and more so this year than any other year), but it is probably the most succinct way to describe the likes of Timeless. I think you can also describe as the song as rather simple, as well.. There really isn’t much to it. The instrumental is less reliant on the synths that have taken over THE BOYZ’s title tracks, instead opting for a mix of piano in the verses and a minimalistic approach with some light tropical synths for the choruses. There is also some intriguing synths at the start the song, which admittedly got me interested in Timeless. I also quite like the bass, which gave the song a bit more body and was a subtle way to build the song. Similarly, the guitar work we get in the bridge and in the final chorus of Timeless was also another subtle way to keep the ball rolling but also not exactly repeat everything that came before it. As for the vocals and raps, the members also kept it simple, with a simple melody. I did like the way members all sung together at the end, giving the ending nice sense of closure and peak, as well. Overall, Timeless was a neat pre-release and I appreciated its presence on the mini-album.

The music video was also quite simple and appeals to the idea that the song is geared towards the Summer season. In this video, the members go on a retreat to the beach, hanging out with one another and enjoying their time together as a group away from spotlights and the stage. I don’t have much to say about the video, mainly that it works well with the song. Also, it shows the members is a less harsher and edgy manner, and that their visuals appear to be more natural. This complements the idea of nature and scenic views that is touched on in the video.

Song – 8/10
Music Video – 8/10
Overall Rating – 8/10

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