[Album Review] Apocalypse: Follow Us (7th Mini Album) – Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher’s 7th mini-album, Apocalypse: Follow Us, is the next mini-album up for a review. Apocalypse: Follow Us was released back in October and features the title track VISION, one intro, an outro and an additional three songs. It follows on from the group’s Apocalypse: Save Us album and MAISON release from April 2022. Dreamcatcher continues their niche and style with this mini-album, keeping things fairly consistent (but also freshening up their releases one way or another) over the last six years since they rebranded themselves as Dreamcatcher. In celebration of their 6 year anniversary, Dreamcatcher recently released a digital single titled Reason. So after checking out Apocalypse: Follow Us through this album review, check out their new release as well!

Apocalypse: Follow Us Album Cover

1. Intro: Chaotical X – Kicking off the mini-album is Chaotical X, a very intense and dramatic electronic instrumental piece that really grabs your attention. The alarms at the end signal the end of the introductory track, blaring in a way that feels suspenseful and epic, making you want what is to come next.

2. VISION (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for VISION. (9/10)

3. Fairytale – Next up on the album is Fairytale. The pop rock nature of this song caught my attention. The pop vibe through Dreamcatcher’s vocals, while the instrumentation brings up the rock element to the song. Dami’s softer rapping approach was wonderful and works really neatly with the pop rock vibe. Altogether, Fairytale feels refreshing and blissful, making it an amazing track to listen to. A highly recommended song from me. (10/10)

4. Some Love – I really liked the boldness and boastfulness of the pop instrumentation of Some Love. As this is a Dreamcatcher song, electric guitars make an appearance in the instrumentation. And together with the synths, they create a funky atmosphere. Even though the instrumentation for Some Love is loud, the members still manage to stay on top of it. (8/10)

5. Rainy Day – Toning and slowing down the entire mini-album is Rainy Day. Rainy Day is a ballad, which features a nice piano R&B arrangement, accompanied by sounds of a rainy day. Melody wise, we have that swaying effect and the members sound quite nice. I did wish there was a bit more to the ballad, such as some sort of buildup, just so it doesn’t stay overly consistent as it did. Maybe throw in some violins or orchestra into the mix to give it some body, even as cliché as it sounds. But it is still a decent ballad to sit back and reflect upon. (7.5/10)

6. Outro: Mother NatureMother Nature begins off with an instrumental piece that felt like it embraces nature and balance. It felt fitting as a backing piece to a montage of nature clips of beautiful sceneries and wildlife. Towards the end, we do get some sinister drum beats and a horn being blown, suggesting that we should still be aware of our surroundings for what is to come.

Overall Album Review – 8.6/10

Apocalypse: Follow Us Teaser Image

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