[Weekly KPOP Chart] 3rd Week of March 2023

Welcome to the Weekly KPOP Charts for the 3rd Week of March 2023. Finally, something feels on schedule on this blog. Hahaha… Anyway, this introduction is going to be a brief one as I got some chores to do (I know, adult responsibilities are blah) and this might allow some time to write a review later today. So, without

Recap & New releases of the Week

More reviews were written this week, including for NMIXX’s Young, Dumb, Stupid, KAI’s Rover and Jimin’s Set Me Free Pt. 2. I also wrote reviews for some older releases including TNX’s Love or Die and PARK WOO JIN’s Top Tier. I also wrote an album review for WEi’s fifth mini-album, Love Pt. 2: Passion.

The following songs were also released during the same week and was entered into the Weekly KPOP Charts system:

  • Wait For You – PLAVE
  • Who Am I – X:IN
  • Errr Day – Youngjae (GOT7)
  • Optimist – JUNNY ft. Blasé
  • The One – Lee Sungjong (INFINITE)
  • Full Of You – Yoon Seobin
  • Love You Twice – Huh Yunjin (LE SSERAFIM)
  • Smoke Sprite – So!YoON! (SE SO NEON) ft. RM (BTS)
  • Hello Goodbye – DRIPPIN
  • I Do! Do You? – Kep1er
  • If I Were The Wind – Y (Golden Child)
  • No More Sad Songs – Amber Liu
  • Coupon Man – W24
  • SWING – Play-N-Skillz, MONSTA X, Lil Jon

Throwback corner

F(x) is a name that we barely hear of anymore, but we totally should! This week’s Throwback song is F(x)’s Jet, a side track from their second mini-album, Electric Shock, from 2012 (11 years ago!).

Non-Korean Release of the Week

The Non-Korean release of the 4th Week of February 2023 was STRAY KIDS’ THE SOUND. It ranked in the 20th position. A review for THE SOUND is coming in the future. So keep, your eyes out for that.

The Charts

Congratulations to KAI and his newest song, Rover, for debuting in the number 1 spot of KPOPREVIEWED’s Weekly KPOP Chart for the 3rd Week of March 2023.. For more of the charts, keep on reading for more of the charts.

3rd Week of March 202312th – 18th Mar 2023
1RoverKAI (EXO)(NEW)
2Young, Dumb, StupidNMIXX(NEW)
3Set Me Free Pt. 2Jimin (BTS)(NEW)
4Top TierPARK WOOJIN (AB6IX)(▲ 50)
5Teddy BearSTAYC(▲ 1)
7Love Or DieTNX(▲ 2)
9Ay-YoNCT 127(▲ 3)
10Sugar Rush RideTXT(▲ 8)
11Errr DayYoungjae (GOT7)(NEW)
12Love WarYENA ft. BE’O(▲ 4)
13P.O.W! (Play On The World)Cherry Bullet(▼ 11)
14RisingTripleS(▲ 40)
15O (Circle)ONEW (SHINee)(▼ 11)
17One MomentJAY B (GOT7)(▲ 37)
18seOul driftOnlyOneOf(▼ 11)
19GroovyCRAVITY(▼ 18)
20THE SOUNDStray Kids(▲ 1)
217PMBSS (SEVENTEEN) ft. Peder Elias(▲ 33)
22SpotlightSerri (Dal Shabet)(▲ 32)
23Fix YOUTAN(▲ 31)
24It’s My ParadiseZUHO (SF9)(▲ 30)
25Hidden SidesMinhyun(▲ 29)
26Best Friend EverNCT DREAM(▲ 17)
28CupidFIFTY FIFTY(▲ 24)
29chrOme artsOnlyOneOf(▲ 25)

Songs leaving the charts

The following songs have wrapped up their nine week run, and will no longer be on the charts since the following week:


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