[Album Review] CHESHIRE (6th Mini Album) – ITZY

ITZY also made their comeback in November 2022 with CHESHIRE, the title of both their latest title track and mini-album release. Alongside CHESHIRE, there is three side tracks on the mini-album, including the pre-release Boys Like You. Unfortunately, I have decided to not review Boys Like You in the usual spot of an International Song Reviews post due to time constraints (otherwise at the rate I am going, I might not get this particular album review for another few months). But I will definitely me sharing my thoughts on the group’s first all-English track, just like the other songs on the mini-album. CHESHIRE follows the group’s SNEAKERS and CHECKMATE mini-album release.

On a quick side note, but has JYP Entertainment given up on ITZY’s album art? The album cover below is just so plain and boring. This follows the revised album art that was release for the CHECKMATE mini-album, which I thought was rather low standard for album art.

CHESHIRE Album Cover

1. Cheshire (Title Track)Click here to read the full review for Cheshire. (6/10)

2. SnowySnowy has a certain sinister vibe that comes and goes, which is thanks to the Für Elise sample that is present in Snowy’s chorus. This is further emphasized by the piano that follows the sample and the vocal tones that the members adopt. To be honest, the chorus (which contains the sample) feels more like the pre-chorus, and the “Na Na Na” segment that follows feels more like the chorus. I wished there were more obvious segmentation of the song, so that it does not feel like a blur and make the different parts more clear-cut. The sample and hooks do make the song catchy enough for me to be intrigued and like it. (8/10)

3. Freaky – I did like their vocal work in Freaky. It felt very clean and showcases their vocal capabilities. The instrumental, whilst does fall into the R&B genre, was pretty forgettable. The detailing we hear in the background was very subtle and faint, but they do have their place in making the song more interesting. Without them, Freaky would have been extremely plain and very empty/lacking. (7/10)

4. Boys Like You (Pre-Release Single) – I found Boys Like You to be a very catchy track. It feels very juvenile, almost childish. But this expected with a teen-pop song. To the point that it feels unfitting for this mini-album. But there is a bit of charm to it. I really liked the post-chorus shouty affair that follows the second and final choruses. It felt bold and showed some good control from the members part. (7.5/10)

Overall Album Rating – 7.1/10

CHESHIRE Teaser Image

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