[Review] Without You – KARD

Next up on the blog is a song review for KARD’s latest release, Without You. The new song dropped earlier this week in the midst of the multiple comebacks we have seen this week. Without You follows the release of Ring The Alarm, which was released in June last year to mark the return of KARD following a two year hiatus in which member J.Seph carried out his mandatory military enlistment.

Without You is a change to what the group usually puts out. While I do like change, I do feel like this one does not result in much for KARD. The best way to think about Without You is that it is a pretty bare song. All bones and no meat. It lacks anything substantial to make it a standout track. Without You is more vocally driven compared to past title tracks. This moves the female members (Jiwoo and Somin) to the front of the song. I quite liked the driving power they add to Without You through the verses and Somin’s high note towards the end of the song. The choruses were striking thanks to the melody and rhythm, and there was a potential cool factor to it. But without much definition to it (in terms of instrumentation – more on this later) and anything to really build upon it, the choruses come off as empty instead. However, with a more vocally driven song, this does mean the male members (BM and J.Seph), who handle the raps in their tracks, take more of a back seat in Without You. While there is nothing wrong with this, their parts are quite limited in Without You and I wished they had more to do in the song than their small confined rap segments. I also admit that there is a lack of cohesion between their parts and the rest of the song. Their parts felt more standalone and this makes Without You a somewhat awkward listen, in my opinion. The instrumentation throws it back to their bright tropical sounds they are pretty much known for from their early days. But it stays quite flat and doesn’t build/go anywhere. I do think Without You has enough to serve as a foundation as a cool track, but it is in need of more cohesion and substance.

Just like the song, the music video is also quite empty. Aside from the one garden set that they film inside of and in front of, there is literally nothing much else to the music video. I did think the colours in the garden, lighting and the outfits the members donned throughout the video worked well with one another to create an aesthetic.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like KARD is promoting Without You due to their lack of appearance on the music shows this week. From what I can see in the music video, the choreography looks good, but nothing stands out exactly. However, we only see the routine for the choruses, so there is probably more to see for the performance aspect.

Song – 6/10
Music Video – 7/10
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 6.5/10


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