[Review] Giddy – Kep1er

Making their comeback last week was Kep1er, who returned to the music scene with their new single Giddy and fourth mini-album, Lovestruck!. Due to poor planning on my end, I was unable to write a review for Giddy when it was released at the start of last week. But it is the focus for today! Giddy and Lovestruck! follows the release of We Fresh and their third mini-album release Troubleshooter in October of last year. It also follows Kep1er’s second Japanese single from earlier on in the year, I do! Do You?, which I will review in a future International Song Reviews post (probably at some point this year).

Despite it being a week old and I have checked out the track on numerous occasions since its release, Giddy hasn’t really grown on me at all. It still leaves the exact same lackluster and mild impression I got from the track when I first checked out the song on the day of its release. Usually, time (and multiple replays) do its job in making a song more appealing to me. But in the case of Giddy, I find it interesting that time didn’t have much of an effect on this song. My guess is that Giddy comes down to an ‘alright’ descriptor. Nothing more, nothing less. ‘Neutral, overall’ is another way to put it. The disco-funk styled instrumental was pretty standard, and Giddy‘s repetitive hook wasn’t as memorable as it could have been. The way it was delivered had charm, but it lacks the opportunity to add some much needed definition to the song and fails to really capture a centric feel. The choruses, thanks to the main hook, just didn’t deliver, which was a bit of a disappointment given the pretty profile of the pre-choruses (which is my pick for the Giddy‘s most likeable part). In the vocals and rap department, no members stood out in Giddy. A unique aspect of Giiddy is the presence of an interlude just after the first chorus that comes in a form of a breakdown. That was quite a shocker for me, as it just does not fit in with the overall smooth tempo that the song was channeling. Overall, I felt like the producers were trying to infuse a mature approach to a youthful sound, which in theory would be an ideal combination for a group like Kep1er. Unfortunately, Giddy doesn’t offer anything innovative and plays it safe, the latter ultimately serving as Giddy’s biggest weakness.

Similar to the song, I didn’t get too much out of the music video as well. It was pretty, and everything from the visuals to the sets was built with this visual style in mind. This does help give the music video component of the comeback a bit of an edge over the song itself. The ending was a bit weird, when one of the members picked up the miniature version of another and ate them. I am assuming there is a reason for all of this. But as a non-Korean speaking listener to KPOP who doesn’t have subtitles on to understand the song in the first instance, it is an questionable ending.

Personally, the choreography aspect of this comeback was probably the strongest of all. I really liked the “Giddy” move they did for the choruses, and I liked the touch of cuteness that the routine brings to the comeback.

Song – 5.5/10
Music Video – 7/10
Performance – 7/10
Overall Rating – 6.3/10


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