[Review] Super – SEVENTEEN

Starting off this new week is SEVENTEEN, who returns with their 10th mini-album FML and two new title tracks, one sharing the same title as the mini-album (but styled as F*ck My Life) and the other is titled Super. This review will focus on the latter track as that is the only title track that has a music video at this stage. FML follows the group’s HOT and _WORLD era, their Japanese Dream comeback (which I have yet to review) in November 2022 and the successful return of the group’s BSS subunit in the earlier months of 2023.

Super is, with very little doubt, a very strong and intense single, joining the likes of past SEVENTEEN songs of a similar nature such as HIT and Getting Closer. However, those songs were more electronic and abrasive in terms of texture. While Super does head in that direction, I do find the newer song to be a bit more rounded with its beats and the synths used are a bit more intriguing and unique. That high pitch scratchy voice actually works really nicely in the background, almost harmonizing with the vocals in the song at certain points. That main instrumental centre piece in the foreground of the first half of the chorus was really cool. I can’t tell if it is percussive piece or a plucked string instrumental, but its presence in Super quite a scene setter. The drumming throughout Super was definitely a a constant highlight, but the faster tempo drumming in the second half of the chorus (which almost feels like the song is lurching out at you) drives up the energy incredibly well, creating a very invigorating peak and is my favourite part of the entire song. I did wish Super developed a bit more towards the end. What we got felt pretty neutral at best, and I felt a more explosive ender would have been a more captivating way to the end Super. The distant horns at the end were a nice touch, but more could have been done. As for the vocals and rapping, I liked how both felt balanced and didn’t overshadow one another. Super had an abundance of hooks and melodies that helped the vocals and raps make the song memorable and appealing to me, whilst also giving the members enough to work with it ensure Super was interesting. I also felt the balanced nature also helped bring everything together in Super, allowing for the instrumental to stand out and creating a very compelling listen.

This music video is epic. Conceptually, it might have been simple. But its execution was literally bold and intense, making it worth watching. The scale of the set was massive, but this allowed the producers and director to really showcase some amazing shots that helped make the video feel and look epic. The presence of so many dancers in the background added to this. The dominating red colour gave the video a mature and serious feel, but it also allowed the members to really pop out (in the case of the first set outfits) and a regal feel (in the case of the second set of outfits). Both sets of outfits looked awesome and showed off different profiles of the members.

As for the choreography, SEVENTEEN has done it again. There was a lot to take in and a lot to enjoy. The wavy sequence that opens up the choruses, the intensity of the second half of the choruses where the energy rises by many bars, how S.Coups was passed forward by the dancers and thrown forward by the last set (probably the most memorable aspect of the choreography to me), and the ripple effect at the end. Even the simple action of standing in the background and walking towards the end of the performance was felt artistic in the grand scheme of Super.

Song – 8.5/10
Music Video – 9/10
Performance – 10/10
Overall Rating – 9/10


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