[Review] Tantara – iKON

At the end of 2022, news broke that iKON was parting ways with YG Entertainment (whom they have been with since debut for 7 years) following the conclusion of their contract with the Big 3 company. It was quickly revealed that the group, as a whole, signed with 143 Entertainment, and subsequently announced plans for a comeback later this year. Fast forward 5 months, the group is officially returning with their third studio album Take Off next month. But ahead of the official comeback, iKON has begun teasing us with their first release since BUT YOU – the pre-release single titled Tantara, which dropped on Tuesday of this week.

Tantara comes out swinging from the very first second and never lets up for the 3 minute duration it goes for. And that just makes Tantara super appealing. Past title of iKON’s that I can remember from the top of my head are more of a serious tone. However, this new song shows off a more energetic and dynamic side of the group, which is undoubtedly refreshing. The group does stick true to their roots, with Tantara falling squarely into the hip-hop genre. Bobby has the honour of kicking off Tantara, and does so with his energy-packed and attention grabbing rapping. His hoarse voice just gives his rap sequence so much character. Jay and JUNE follow up with a nice vocal centric pre-chorus. This leads into the chorus, which emphasises the hip-hop roots of the song and gears it towards a 90s influence. The hype energy that comes off this is bold, and the chant-like delivery is memorable. From there. however, I do feel like Tantara fizzles out slightly with less memorable segments. Song and DK takes the helm of the second verse, but I didn’t not find anything interesting in this section. Chanwoo makes his appearance in the bridge (alongside DK), but again, nothing stands out here. The good news is that Tantara has one more surprise in store for us – an instrumental break with a very intriguing and jarring set of synths that works quite well and drives up the dynamic factor of Tantara. There is also a textural element to the instrumental break that leans into a rock influence, which I thought was super cool. The ending brings everyone together for a final outro that reiterates who iKON are. It was decent, but I wished it was more energy packed and substantial in line with the rest of Tantara. Overall, Tantara is a strong and powerful track that shows us who iKON is. It definitely hyped me up, leaving me wanting the 5th of May to come quicker (as that is when their official comeback is scheduled for).

The music video carries the label of a “performance video”. While the performance, which I will be commenting on separately in the next paragraph, does make up a bulk of the video, the addition and presence of various different shots of the group and the members themselves makes the video for Tantara feel very much like a music video. I liked how the energy and flair of the song was carried from the song over to the video. That is thanks to both the effort of the members and dancers, who showed great dynamism in the video. Their chemistry was great with one another, creating an atmosphere that also hypes up the viewer as well.

On the topic of the performance, the same comments above can be applied here. I liked how the hip-hop energy and flair comes so easily to the performance from the song, and the members/dancers make it so dynamic and fun in the music video. The chorus looks quite good, but the iconic bit for me has to be the dance break (which occurs at the instrumental break). From the way it was set up, to the wavy arm movements, to the jerky steps that follow, all of it was a highlight.

Song – 8.5/10
Music Video – 8/10
Performance – 9/10
Overall Rating – 8.5/10


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